How To Have An Outdoor Wedding Right In Your Backyard!

Let’s be honest, renting a hall for your wedding can be pricey and limit you to being creative on your big day. Don’t want to be set back by rules and policies? Then why not throw a wedding in your own backyard! Just kick back, relax, and chill like a hammock expert because with these tips, planning your own backyard wedding will be a breeze.

From Tradition to Unique

More often than not, there are two types of weddings people normally steer for: Traditional and unique. When you think about traditional, some people think about an ancient, old and wise man walking around with a walking stick . Normally doing things the same way and never changing no matter what the new craze is. However, nowadays people are going more and more unique with themed weddings, destinations and homemade decor. Backyard weddings are starting to become the new craze, and to think, who wouldn’t love to have a wedding that was cost efficient and comfy right at home?

Planning, Decorating & Executing

Where to start? Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think about where to start and what to do; however, with a clear mind and some helpful back up we can make your day special and grand. The one set back many brides face is the realization that all your guests are going be heading in and out of your home. It can be stressful thinking about having an amazing time, but then having to pick up afterwards. However, hiring a cleaning service can wash away all your worries and allow you to focus more on the fun and creative aspects of your wedding. Some people don’t want to hire a cleaning service because its extra cash; however, if you factor in the money you save by having your wedding at home, the stress that’s lifted and the squeaky clean home after a night of celebration, I would say that it’s worth the addition. Once your cleaning worries have been planned and set aside, it’s time to have fun with some creative decorating. Because your wedding is going to be in your backyard, you can spend more time on making DIY decor rather than spending your time researching and finding a place to host your wedding. If your making your own decor, then why not show off your craftsmanship with some homemade centerpieces! A centerpiece is appealing and most noticeable, so have fun with it let your creativity shine! Whether your decor is homemade or store bought, make sure to have a layout as to where your putting certain decorations in your backyard. Its better to have a plan before your wedding rather than executing all the details all at once.


What To Serve & How To Serve It

If your planning a nice, outdoor, summer wedding, what can you imagine serving for food? Meat on the grill? A fresh, fruit salad? Cold refreshments in a cooler? A barbeque may not be your idea of “classy”, but depending upon how you represent it can create a bond between lay back and elegant. If your looking for a way to do a simple cookout with pastas and salads, then do just that with a higher quality lay out. Serving pastas in glass bowls and have an elegant display can change the feel of the course and make your food selection not only look appetizing, but well put together.

Know Your Backyards Limit

Though you may want to invite all your family and friends, remember that you can’t exceed the amount of room you have in your backyard. Keep it simple and invite those that are closest to you. Many others will understand your decisions and respect that it is your day. Keeping the numbers small will also limit the cost for food, drinks, and other items needed for your guests.

The Opportunities

Your backyard may not be an extravagant hall or traditional church, but having a backyard wedding will most definitely show off your personality! Take advantage of this opportunity to create your dream backyard and garden. Not only will this represent you and be a center for your wedding, but it will give you the opportunity to invest in something you may not have been able to before. By investing on these new additions like a stone path, beautiful garden or even a soothing pond with koi fish, it could most likely be equivalent to renting a hall, however in the long run you would receive more than just a one time use.

Having a wedding in your own backyard can be a hassle, but it’s all about planning and how you execute the whole ideal. Remember that it is possible to have a wedding at home without the stress and worries. Just be creative, let your personality paint a masterpiece on a canvas and your guests will be at awe at what you come up with. Take hold of the opportunities and think out of the box. This is your day, and no matter what you do, it’s going to be extraordinary!

Thanks for reading and remember that as long as you’re in the Wedding Vibe, the opportunities are limitless! 💕

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