How to Plan a Wedding Step by Step

Weddings are a very emotional ceremony where you will unite with your partner for the rest of your life. While it may be the most memorable celebration of all, many people do not realize that it requires strict organization for everything to go perfectly. For this reason, many couples get stressed when they have to plan their wedding. Hiring a wedding planner can speed up the entire process much more, but in any case, you should know the main steps to follow so your wedding does not miss anything.

Here you will learn the main steps to plan your wedding, from the basic points of the organization to the smallest details that will make this occasion a special moment. Carry out these steps, and you can enjoy your dream wedding.

Choose the Wedding Date

Defining the day you want to get married is not an easy task. There are some steps to choosing the wedding date that you should take into account. Pay special attention to all the factors that can affect both the day of the celebration and the budget: weather, days of high and low demand, and festivities are some of the things to anticipate.

For example, prices increase during the summer and winter holiday periods. Since both the relaxed atmosphere and the Christmas parties are nice occasions for all kinds of celebrations, it will be necessary to make reservations with more anticipation since both the suppliers and the guests usually have many commitments.

Another point you should consider to fit your budget is that weddings between Sunday and Thursday are usually less expensive than weddings on Friday and Saturday. However, weekend weddings are more popular than weekday weddings. Fortnightly ceremonies may complicate things for your guests due to the high traffic in larger cities.

Setting your wedding date will depend on availability at the ceremony venue, at the Civil Registry, and on your location for the banquet. Before distributing your invitations, you have to confirm the date in these places.

Time to Choose the Guests

Each guest will consume drinks, food, souvenirs, and amenities. For this reason, you should make your budget and guest list together. The first step will be to establish the size of the party you would like: an intimate celebration has fewer than 100 guests, a moderate party can have up to 150, and larger celebrations typically have 300 guests or more.

To start the draft of your list, add the guests who cannot be missing: the closest relatives usually top the list. Later, you can add other people who are part of your daily lives, such as their closest friends. Finally, add people you don’t spend much time with but could wait, such as distant relatives or coworkers.

Little by little, you will be ruling out the people who surely will not attend. Also, consider the distance of your guests from the tentative wedding venue and their availability on the date and time you have chosen. Consider now if you will invite children to your wedding or if it will be an adults-only event.

Define Your Budget

The first step to making your budget is to prioritize the elements that will represent higher expenses and that are essential. For example, the first service on the list is usually the location and catering, for which they must calculate between 45% and 50% of the budget. This portion must include tables of sweets and drinks.

You can make your preliminary budget by calculating an average price per guest or by asking the portal providers for the estimated costs of services and products. You must establish if your initial amount will be enough to pay for the party of your dreams or how much time you will have to save money to reach the indicated figure.

Choose the Style of the Wedding

Many couples celebrate the party on the same day as the religious ceremony and prepare something simple to commemorate the civil wedding on a different date. In some cases, they accompany it with a spiritual wedding and even with a multicultural ceremony, such as a Mayan wedding or the Celtic ritual.

In addition to the ceremony you will celebrate, you must define the theme or style for your wedding’s banquet. This style will be present in its decoration, the atmosphere of the location, and elements such as music and souvenirs.

Choose the Wedding Menu

You will have to choose between starters, salads, side dishes, main courses, and desserts. To pick the perfect catering service for your wedding, not only choose your favorite flavors but consider the season of the year, the cost, and the variety each provider offers. The couple can choose natural ingredients, local products, options for guests with special diets and allergies, and even personalized dishes to make an unforgettable menu.

Define the Look You Will Wear at the Wedding

This may be the most anticipated step for couples. To find the perfect look, they can browse catalogs or go directly to a boutique to see what styles are available. Choose the dresses and suits that fit you best, the ones that make you feel more comfortable and confident in your figure.

The wedding theme can also transform bridal styles, especially if you want to mix and match and look as glamorous as possible. The preparation also implies defining the budget and the search time. You will also want to prepare the pajamas or lingerie for your wedding night. At Lunya, you can find sophisticated bridal loungewear perfect for the occasion.


Carrying a rigorous organization of your wedding planning will ensure that no detail is overlooked. There are many things you must take into account to carry out a ceremony, but the main steps are to define the date, choose the guests, establish your budget, and select the style and menu of the wedding. Last but not least, choose the look that will make you shine during your ceremony. Start planning your wedding and get ready for the most memorable night of your lives.

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