It’s More Than Just an Engagement Ring!

What Your Engagement Ring Shape Says About You


We all know that diamonds symbolize more than romance. But did you know each diamond shape has its own meaning? See below for some expert advice from Julie Martin, founder and designer at Scout Mandolin.

First, you should definitely know there’s a big difference between the shape of a diamond and its cut. While the shape can be pretty much anything and determines the actual contour the stone takes (e.g. there are round diamonds, heart-shaped diamonds, etc.), the cut determines the way in which the diamond was shaped to reflect the light and its shape (which can actually affect the diamond’s capacity to reflect light). Therefore, the more intricately cut a diamond, the more valuable it is. What are the main differences among various types of engagement ring shapes and cuts? Even more, what is their significance? Here are the top ten diamond shapes and what they say about the wearer:


  1. Round

The most recognized shape when people think about diamonds. Besides a flattering fit, round brilliant cuts have the best overall brilliance. They speak to timeless elegance and beautiful simplicity. Wearers of this shape are honest, faithful, trustworthy and empathetic. 


     2. Oval

Similar to the round brilliant cut, an oval diamond features a different length-to-width ratio, therefore creating an elongated outline. This shape creates the illusion of a slender looking finger and is popular with people who have smaller hands. If you appreciate tradition with a twist of creativity, there is no better choice for you than the Oval shape. Wearers of this shape are elegant, risk-takers and embrace individuality. 

salt rose

     3. Princess

The Princess cut is a very popular cut as they tend to be extravagant and very shiny. Perfect for a woman who enjoys being in the limelight and being admired. Wearers of this shape are organized, bold, sensible and fun-loving.



    Princess Cut

4. Emerald


Easily recognizable by their large surfaces, Emerald-shaped diamonds are rectangular diamonds with beveled corners. Their pavilion, made of successive step facets creates a remarkably elegant look. Wearers of this shape are classy, confident, charming and straightforward. Emerald Cut diamonds are very suitable for someone in love with old-school elegance brought into the new century. 

Allure Rose

     5. Asscher

Similar to the Emerald cut, the Asscher shape has a vintage appeal with a square appearance. Wearers of this shape are authoritative, feminine, and meticulous. If you are into vintage style, enjoy anything related to Marie Antoinette, the Asscher shape is the best one for you.


     6. Marquise

With its opulent and extravagant appearance, a marquise diamond maximizes its carat weight for a high spread factor. Meaning, it offers great finger coverage even if you buy a smaller diamond as their shape is meant to make the stone appear larger than it is. Wearers of this shape are daring, stylish, innovative, and full of zest. If status and wealth are important to you, you must choose the Marquise shape.


  7. Radiant

Radiant cuts are a mixture of round cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds. They are found beyond rings and in jewelry including earrings, rings and pendants. Wearers of this shape are flirty, sentimental, highly adaptable and a trend-setter. Those always ready for the next party and eager to live new experiences will prefer the Radiant shape.


       8. Pear

With a sexy rounded edge and a smooth taper near the tip, pear diamonds have distinctly refined flavors to them. Like the marquise diamond, pear diamonds can make the fingers appear longer and more feminine. Wearers of this shape are romantic, passionate, adventurous and known to have exquisite taste. If you are sensitive, but able to be strong when necessary, you may give preference to the Pear shape.








   9. Heart

Heart shaped diamonds provide a dominant characteristic that comes through best when they are used separately as a solitaire or surrounded with significantly smaller accent stones. They are crafted to resemble the universal symbol of love. For romantics, this is the best diamond shape for an engagement ring. Wearers of this shape are feminine, emotional, thoughtful, affectionate and sensitive. If you know each line of “The Notebook,” the Heart shape is for you.

   10. Cushion

Also known as the pillow cut, cushion-cut diamonds have a similar appearance to radiant cut diamonds. With its classic appeal and the increasing demand for vintage styled jewelry, cushion cuts gained a lot of popularity in the consumer market. Wearers of this shape are kind, traditional and family-orientated.

Of course, diamonds are absolutely breathtaking regardless of their cut, shape, carats, or clarity. In the end, they are all symbols of strength and beauty – and what words would be more suitable for a magical love story, such as yours?


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