Limiting Technology For A Stress Free Experience

Wedding planning and completing last-minute to-do items in the days prior to your wedding day can be stressful in and of themselves. Unfortunately, the presence of technology can often heighten such feelings. Constantly checking your technology to include your smartphones, tablets or laptops can cause anxiety, blur boundaries between others and cause unwelcome distractions. Here are a few reasons why you should detox yourself from your technology prior to your big day.

Technology Detox

What is a Technology Detox?

A technology detox is the proactive choice of either ignoring your devices for extended periods of time or keeping them turned off altogether. For instance, you may decide that you will not use your devices during certain hours of the day or you may also choose to keep them turned off for days at a time so that you can concentrate on more important things. No matter the choice in time restrictions, a technology detox prior to your wedding day may be the best way to ensure you make the most of your time, get more done and enjoy your peace of mind. Here’s how detoxing can help:

#1 Reduces Your Anxiety

According to research, there is a definite connection between anxiety and technology and for a number of different reasons. For instance, do you get anxious if you misplace or forget your cell phone because you’re worried you’ve missed important information? Alternatively, does constantly checking social media result in you comparing your life to others? When adding a wedding to this mix you may even start to wonder if there is anything else that you’ve left out of your wedding, sending you straight to the internet for hours on end. To reduce such feelings, decide to take a break from your devices to calm the chatter in your mind and improve your well-being.  

#2 Creates Boundaries

Next, staying off of your devices altogether can help to create boundaries between you and others who may mean well, but who are being intrusive on personal time. For instance, you could be getting constant phone calls, texts or direct messages from people who are excited about your wedding and who want to ask questions, check on how you’re feeling or simply have a chat. However, an influx of such communications may be overwhelming for a bride or groom to be who already have a full plate before them. Create boundaries between you and others by keeping your devices turned off during times where you need to concentrate on organizing the details of your wedding event.

Technology Boundaries

#3 Lessens Distractions

Technology can also cause unwelcome and even detrimental distractions. This is because surfing the web, answering calls, checking social media notifications, or even texting and driving can take your attention away from the immediate tasks you have at hand. You could easily lose countless, precious hours from distractions caused by your technology. All in all, to prevent this from occurring, simply stay away from your devices and give yourself a break as you prepare for your big day.

Too much of anything is never good thing and this is very true when it comes to the use of technology prior to your wedding. Planning and preparing for a wedding can be overwhelming, and when your technology starts to get in the way it may be time to turn it off completely. Your wedding is a special occasion that represents the love that you have for your new spouse. As such, get rid of your devices for a while and instead concentrate on what matters the most—your bride or groom to be.

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