Mother of the Bride Tips, From Planning Your Dress

The excitements and even challenges that come with wedding ceremonies are not just for the bride and groom. It usually involves their parents, whether they like it or not.  As the mother of the bride, a lot of responsibilities and expectations lie on you. The thought of seeing your little girl, who has grown into a woman, starting her own family, can be really exciting. You are eager to be there through every step in the wedding preparation. You may even feel a little intimidated in your choices seeing that the wedding of your daughter is a heavy photo-documented day. Without proper planning, it is easy for you to drift away in the process of preparations for the big day.

Here are some tips to help you from planning to your dress

Listen to the bride

When making your planning and preparations, you must bear in mind that it’s your daughter’s wedding. You are not the one to rule-out the final decisions. Allow the bride to be your guide. Irrespective of what your idea is concerning the dress, the venue, the menu, and any other thing, your daughter’s choice matters the most. It’s her big day, so allow her to set the preferences. You are only toadvise and not force her to take your opinions. Listen to her ideas; respect her decisions because her happiness counts the most.

Meet the groom’s family

You must meet with the groom and his family, especially his mom. They’ll also have some plans concerning the wedding. The meeting will provide opportunities to share ideas and responsibilities. You must be in good terms with the groom’s family for the sake of your daughter. Thus, you will need to set an informal meeting with them. You should also agree with the mother of the groom on your dressing. Though she is not the one to choose for you, with proper arrangements, you can make your elegance to be in sync. Traditionally, you, as the mother of the bride, should be the first to choose your dress and then notify the groom’s mother. However, there may be a case where the groom’s mom doesn’t know her onus. To avoid unnecessary logger-heads, you should create a line of communication for both parties. You can call her before shopping. Notify her of the type of dress and color of your choice.

Be specific in your commitment financially and otherwise

There’s no way you can be master of all in every section of the wedding preparation. You should not be carried away by the line, “I’ll be there whenever you need me.” Focus on areas you are good at. You can choose to move with the decorations, color palettes, honeymoon planning, or any other aspect of the wedding.

You should also discuss the budget with your daughter. Through your discussion, you can guide on realistic planning. Please be honest and open on the level of financial commitment that you’ll be comfortable with making. Your early openness will help the bride and groom to factor their budget adequately and avoid last-minute hiccups in planning.

Assist the bride to choose her dress first

Settling down with a particular choice of dressing may be difficult for the bride. She may always have doubts and be thrown in between different opinions. Having it in mind that it is not your wedding, your priority should be for your daughter’s happiness before yours. Helping her to find the wedding dress of her choice creates a special bond in her heart to you. It fills her with confidence and makes her feel special and loved. In the face of her challenges to make the right choice, you should remain positive and encourage her.

Make a good choice of dress for yourself

You should be mindful of your choice of dress as the mother of the bride. In your bid to look elegance, avoid dressing extravagantly. You should not out-dress the bride because it is her wedding, not yours. While making your choice, you should consider the wedding type, venue, time of the day, dress code and color, and your body stature. Avoid wearing white. You may seek for your daughter’s opinion or other experts such as Frox of Falkirk to avoid any awkward feelings later.

Maintain the color plan

As the mother of the bride, the color of your dress should complement but not match the bridesmaids’ dresses. You may choose to stay in the same color family by making your brighter, darker, or lighter. You may also choose to go for shimmery neutral colors like silver-gray or gold. Such choices will rhyme with any color scheme and give radiance to your appearance.

Be organized

You should go the extra mile in your planning. Have your “what if” list. Anticipate for last-minute break downs and problems. Familiarize yourself with most things about weddings such as the weather for the day, the guest list, the vendor involved, etc. This will help you to keep abreast of the happenings and to save the day in any case of an eventuality. Besides, taking care of your daughter should be your top priority.

Enjoy yourself

After putting every preparation on the ground, ensure to look the best for yourself. Remember to show up on time to encourage and assist your daughter. Avoid drinking much champagne, and enjoy yourself as the mother of the bride.


The joy of being the mother of the bride better experienced than imagined. As you prepare for your daughter’s wedding, remember the responsibilities you ought to fulfill. Follow the tips we’ve provided, and you’re sure to enjoy the process as the mother of the bride.

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