Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress Questions

Mother Of Groom

Who chooses first, the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom?

If the parents of the bride are taking over the traditional role financially in the wedding, the mother of the bride decides on the formality of the mothers’ dresses.  If however, the mother of the groom has assumed that responsibility for the wedding she makes the decision.  (This often happens when the mother of the bride is deceased or not participating.)

What length should the mothers wear?

If the bridesmaids are wearing long gowns the mothers may wear any length they choose…. However, if one mother chooses to wear a long dress the other should also so that they appear “balanced” in the formal pictures.

If one mother elects to wear a dressy pantsuit the other mother should wear a full-length dress so that she isn’t the only one in the pictures with legs showing.

What color should the mothers wear?

In whatever color she looks best!! This is the second most photographed event in her life after her own wedding and she needs to look her best. Be sure to choose a color that will actually photograph, realizing that many colors shown in catalogs and magazines have had to be color enhanced to actually show up.

One of the most common mistakes brides make is thinking that their mothers must blend or match the bridesmaids. Mothers are not part of the wedding party in a Christian wedding.  However, in a Jewish wedding where the parents remain standing near the rabbi during the entire ceremony, consideration will be taken as to what color the bridesmaids are wearing so as to not clash.

In addition to picking out the bridesmaids’ dresses is the bride responsible for helping to choose the mothers’ dresses?

No.  She can certainly go along with the mothers when they are shopping for their dresses but the ultimate decision is each mother’s.  Each mother has to feel beautiful in her choice and since personalities can be so different, mothers are free to express themselves in what they choose to wear.  Remember, mothers are in the “guest” category (better dressed than) and not senior bridesmaids!

How long in advance should they begin looking for their dresses?

So as to have the best selection and have ordering options, at least six months before.

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Contributed by Barbara Coolidge Tibbetts

T. Carolyn Fashions

About the author:  Barbara and daughter, Terrie Tibbetts Martin opened T. Carolyn Fashions in Houston Tx. in March of 1991. Their shop specializes in fashions for MOBs and MOGs.  For over 20 years they have helped dress thousands of mothers and grandmothers many of whom have traveled from other parts of the country to shop at their boutique.  They have been referred to as the “grande dames of fashion for mothers of the wedding” by the Houston Chronicle.

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