Savvy Brides Save Money!

Wedding on a Budget

Brides are finding all kinds of ways to save money as our economy recovers and they are becoming more wedding savvy.

This means that the wedding industry is also looking for more ways to meet the needs of these wiser brides.  Some of the ways they have done that are:

  • Brides can save up to a thousand dollars by booking their wedding during the week.
  • By booking a wedding in the off season when venues and vendors are looking for business, usually July, August, January, February and March (depending on the region) brides save a great deal of money.
  • By finding if a rental company has another bride using their services in the same venue the same day both brides can share the cost.
  • Instead of expensive flowers showy greens and just a few flowers cut the cost.
  • There are now beautiful high end almost brand new gowns for sale in wedding consignment shops
  • Holding the rehearsal dinner in a relative or friend’s spacious backyard is a relaxing fun way to cut costs.
  • There are forms for invitations and save the date cards now available in discount and craft stores .which can be created and printed from a computer.
  • Better grocery stores offer stunning wedding cakes that are less expensive than a bakery.
  • Cupcakes have become the in thing to serve instead of cake and they cost far less.
  • The head table at the reception can use the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets as their centerpieces.
  • Lit candles in a glass container on a mirrored surface covered with shiny glass pebbles look expensive and exotic but cost much less than floral centerpieces.

The list of how to save on your wedding could go on.  But the more you know the more you will save.

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