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With the 2011 Wedding Season in full swing, I have serviced some clients for whom I wasn’t their first-choice makeup artist. These brides-to-be were only too eager to share their tales of woe about artists who showed up late to appointments (or never showed at all), didn’t return a deposit that was warranted, whose work was sub-standard (unlike the images in their portfolios), or whose products caused major breakouts days after their makeup trial. While I am grateful for any opportunity to improve a client’s negative makeup artistry experience, I’d rather that they didn’t go through such an ordeal in the first place. To that end, I offer these tips that any bride-to-be shopping for a makeup artist would do well to heed:

(1) Get to know a potential artist before scheduling any makeup trials or booking your date: Ask the artist how long they have been in the industry, where they trained and for how long, and whether they have any certifications (you may ask to see these). Also find out which cosmetic product lines they use; if you aren’t familiar with them, do some research.

(2) Schedule your makeup trial a few months ahead of your wedding: Not only will this reduce the stress of the time-crunch right before the big day; it will give you a chance to see how your skin reacts to the artist’s products. Also, you will have time to locate and get another artist if the one you chose doesn’t work out.

(3) Stay alert during your makeup trial: Being made-up is a relaxing experience, but don’t zone out during your trial! Remember, you are still evaluating the artist. Watch for signs of unprofessionalism, including tardiness, too much talking, unsanitary techniques (double-dipping, licking fingers, dirty or frayed brushes, etc). Also watch to see if the artist takes time to understand your needs and desires.

(4) Expect a makeup service contract: Be very wary of the artist who does not present you with a thorough contract. A contract should contain the details of the services you are expecting, the service location and time frame and all payments to be made. Ensure the contract has the full name of the artist, as well as that of his/her artistry business.

(5) Pay deposits with credit cards, if possible: Nowadays, several makeup artists are making credit card payments available to their clients. Take advantage of this payment method for making your deposits; your credit card company can help you reclaim a deposit where warranted, if the artist skips out on doing so. Having a contract with the artist can also help you in this unwelcome situation.

I hope these tips make your search for, and experience with, your makeup artist a lot smoother. Congratulations on your coming nuptials, and best wishes for a happily married life!

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Ms. Arit Amana (Owner & Chief Makeup Artist, IYNA Makeup Artistry)

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