The Truth Behind Guest Lists


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Your wedding day is one of the most celebrated days of your life. Once he pops the question I’m sure that everyone is going to be wondering whether or not a “save the date” is coming in the mail. It’s hard to make a guest list of who to invite, especially when there are so many wonderful people surrounding your life. But in the end, weddings aren’t cheap. The more guests you invite, the price goes up. So how do you shorten your guest list?

To help ease your mind with shortening your guest lists, here are some facts behind it. For one, weddings aren’t cheap which I’m sure you already know. With each guest comes a price, and with most venues you have to pay per head. Currently I am in the process of planning my mothers wedding, and for her special day it’s going to cost +$36 per guest. She is planning on inviting 200 guests or less, but let’s take a moment to calculate this average. For her guests to enjoy a nice wedding dinner, it’s going to cost her $7,200. This price does not include flowers, decor, the DJ, wedding favors, invites… I’m sure you get the picture. Most guests equals a higher wedding price. So if you’re looking to have a wedding with a lower costs, then here are some tips on how to lower your guest list.


For my mothers wedding, any person 20 years or younger will not be invited to the wedding. I’ll be honest, my mother and her fiance love to have a good time. They enjoy going out, attend sporting events, indulges in festivals such as Country Thunder, Summer fest, county fairs and local outings. They live life with enthusiasm and excitement, and on there wedding day they just want to let loose and have fun. Especially because they’re getting married after 10 years of being together. By not inviting children and young adults it lowers the guest list, eliminates worry for younger children and allows a stress and filter-free environment for adults to let loose.

Family Boarder

Sometimes families are smaller and only include aunts, uncles and grandparents. But other times, it stretches from 1st cousins, all the way to family friends and their first cousins. Set a limit to where you want the line to be drawn. Do you want to invite all of your cousins or only the 1st ones? Or maybe even analyze your family relationships and only invite those who make an effort to still be involved in your life. This sounds a little harsh because family is forever. But it’s true to admit that sometimes you only see certain family members at Christmas parties and reunions. If they don’t make an effort to see you year round, then they will understand if they are not invited to your wedding. Especially when your guest list is limited.


Inviting your closest friends shouldn’t be a problem, but sometimes it is when you’re a social butterfly. Make a list of all the people you talk to. Once you’ve done that, now its time to cross eliminate. You can do this with family as well. Now, look at the list and ask yourself who definitely, absolutely needs to be at your wedding and cross off the people who you wouldn’t mind not attending. Once you have done that, look at the list again and ask yourself who has been there over the years, supports your relationship and who has helped you through the rough patches. Cross off those who you don’t tell your secrets too. You see, we all talk to lots of people, but there is a line between friends and acquaintances. Don’t invite your acquaintances to your wedding when your true friends would give you a more meaningful wedding experience.


This idea is kind of a stretch, but I have seen some people do it. It’s your wedding day so only serve the food that you want to have. If you want to have steak, lobster, salmon or chicken then serve it because it’s YOUR day. But if you have people that don’t like your choices then maybe consider not inviting them. This sounds petty, especially because the idea can be done vice versa. But in all honesty, what do people mostly remember about your wedding day? If you’re thinking about all the details in your decorations and the beautiful, elegant flowers then you’re wrong. People mostly remember the food. How tough the meat was, whether they left hungry or full, if it was flavorless or heavenly and so on. People love there food, and the one thing you don’t want is an unsatisfied guest that wouldn’t eat because they didn’t like your food selections.

Call me crazy, but I am all about the bride and groom. You only get married once to the girl/guy or your dreams so why spend all the wedding planning on making everyone else happy? The truth is, this is your wedding day and I know that everyone wants to come. But they need to understand that weddings are expensive and there is going to be limits in certain areas. So invite those that are closest to you. Invite the friends that have helped you and supported you through the good and bad. Don’t let you 9 year old daughters puppy face bring you down because in the end she will understand and only want you to be happy.

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