The Secrets to a Super-Fun Wedding Reception

The most important part of any wedding is the ceremony but often it is the reception afterward that takes most planning. You and your new spouse want everyone to have fun, but that includes yourself. You do not need to be worrying about people being happy at your reception as there are many things you can do to keep them entertained and make it a memorable occasion.

Be Careful With Your Seating Plan

Although it might be tempting to put people who do not know each together so that they make new friends it really is better to have everyone sitting with people they already know. This will mean there will be more conversation and laughter and they are more likely to fill the dance floor when the time comes.

It is great to do the same with the kids and let them have a table or two all of their own.

Spread The Food And Toasts

Usually, at a wedding reception, there is a three-course meal followed by the toasts and speeches. Mix this up a bit so that they do not drag out for so long. Let one of the speakers give their speech while the caterers are clearing away and serving the next course.

This will mean your guests are not just sitting waiting for too long and it will get all the formalities out of the way quicker.

Have Surprise Entertainments

Sometimes the best part of a wedding reception is anything the guests do not expect. Plan some surprise entertainments to keep them occupied throughout the day. Consider such things as photo booth rental as these can provide a great deal of fun for guests of all ages. Leave a few items they can dress up in before having their photos taken for even more pleasure.

Have a table magician to mingle with the guests or for your first dance be joined by some experienced dancers and turn it into a great display. Don’t forget that any children need entertaining too. It is a long day for them so having a few toys or perhaps a bouncy castle is a great ides.

Designate A Quiet Area

Not all people are into dancing and loud music. Some will just want to sit back and enjoy good company. You should designate a quiet area where guests can socialize with each other without having to shout over the music.

Keep Your Guests Fed

Within a few hours of the meal, your guests will start to get hungry again. Instead of having another more formal layout of food why not have some eating stations dotted around the venue? Each one could have a different variety of savory or sweet snacks and your guests can just help themselves to whatever they like.

A Final Surprise

Sometimes, it can be hard to know when an event is actually over. The newly married couple might leave early to catch a flight for instance, but the party could still go on for hours.

Organize something, such as a firework display, that says ‘that’s it folks’ so everyone knows the reception is at an end.

You will know your guests better than anyone else and as long as you make sure that they will be occupied and well fed through the whole day, you should be able to enjoy your wedding and leave them to enjoy it too.

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