The Top 10 NightLife Locations You Must Visit in Sydney

Sydney is a fun city. People party on the roof, by the side of the pool, sometimes in the basement, or even once every few weeks in a suburban bowling club. Despite the numerous restrictions, Sydney is still up for a good nightlife experience.

In this article, we have compiled the top 10 nightlife locations you must visit in Sydney;

  1. Oxford Art Factory

The Oxford Art Factory is one of the ultimate live music venues in the oxford street. The owner of the club, Mark Gerber, boasts a very successful career in the entertainment industry which he started in the 1980s in New York before joining the luxurious Sydney nightspot Q bar, which was later closed in 2015. 

He currently provides for a premium intimate space for your nightlife experiences in Sydney.

The nightclub gives an exclusive live music experience with international bands visiting the town. 

The venue also hosts incredible gigs, highly ranked electronic producers, and DJs the best local acts. The Oxford Art Factory nightclub is one of the perfect party ideas in Sydney.

  1. Low 302

Low 302 is a Crown Street stalwart open from 6 pm until 2 am in the night. It is available for the entire seven nights a week; therefore, you can visit this cocktail bar any day of the week. Like the Oxford Art Factory, a low 302 is also a live music venue in Sydney’s centre

Low 203 is a relaxed candlelit bar furnished with red curtains, comfy leather couches, and a sleek wall of spirits. If you are looking for a perfect nightlife venue for late-night blues, jazz, and soul experience, you can visit the Low 302 cocktail bar.

  1. Ivy

Do you want to let loose in the summertime like Hollywood awesomeness? The Ivy Pool Club is the ultimate nightlife location for you. The open-air pool club provides an exciting daytime disco experience, which smoothly descends into the late-night house tracks with a taste of splash. 

The IVY Pool Club is located in the popular inner-city Ivy complex and is the ultimate getaway to treat yourself to a cabana experience and exciting table services. As the night approaches, the party continues in the Changeroom. You can come out of the pool, get rid of your wet togs, and dive right onto the dance floor.

  1. Home The Venue

As the name suggests, Home The Venue is the home venue for the best die-hard club action accompanied by a world-class view. When you are at Home, the club banger tunes will be booming on the speakers while you are shaking off the walls with an exciting view of the glittering Darling Harbour lights sparkling in front of your starry eyes.

The nightclub has been proclaimed as the only real “superclub” in Sydney’s streets, given its electric mixes and the wide range of events hosted in the club. Home The Venue has three levels, eight rooms, and a roaster where the best DJs in town carry you away with the best techno, house, trance, EDM, dancehall, and many more.

  1. Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice

Frankies is one of the best nightlife locations in Sydney. The club provides for a pinball, pizza, and rock and roll experience the entire seven nights a week. That’s a winning combination. 

Frankies sits below Hunter Street smack bang at Sydney’s business district’s centre and boasts lots of ear-splitting live music. It has continued to gain more popularity in Sydney.

  1. Marquee Sydney

Marquee Sydney is located inside the Star Casino and is popularly known for a big room EDM. The prestigious nightclub provides you with good visuals on an average weekend. 

The club has continued to gain more popularity in recent times, given that it has hosted huge acts such as Drake, the late Avicii, Tiesto, Hardwell, Paris Hilton, and even a set from Calvin Harris. 

Confetti, glamorous dancers, and the best DJs in Australia are just some of the things you can expect to find in Marquee Sydney.

  1. Tokyo Sing Song

The Tokyo Sing Song nightclub is another appealing getaway after midnight in Sydney. The lounge which is located underneath the Marlborough Hotels Marly Bar was redesigned in 2017. A huge dance floor, two new stages, and a quality Pioneer sound system were added to the club during the refurbishment. 

Tokyo Sing Sing is the perfect nightlife venue for a naughty night on a dark dance floor. There is a small stage that hosts surprisingly weird live performances and so many super dark corners to move to the eclectic tunes played in the nightclub.

  1. Arq

The Arq is located towards the end of Oxford Street. The most outstanding feature about Arq is the club’s sound system, which is designed to give you the ultimate highest degree of aural stimulation. 

You are yet to experience the queer Sydney side of life if you haven’t been to Arq. The two-level luxurious night club recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019.

  1. The Retro

Located just behind the delightful glamour of the beautiful Darling Harbour, The Retro is a neon tinted, two-floor dance arena nightclub. The retro is the perfect destination where you can be free from judgment, relax, and even sing to the chorus of your favourite jam. 

The club hosts the best DJs in town who churn through all the pop hits at the best speed to give you the appropriate thrills. The nightclub hosts crowds of all ages, ready to have a good time. 

  1. Freda’s

Freda’s hides in the plain sight off the busy main road in Chippendale. The club is a haven of weirdness for the Sydney city’s alternative disco music fans. It is home to cool new bands and upcoming DJs trying to make the best mixes out of their parents’ record collections. 

You can never get to know what you will get at Freda’s, but the experience is always memorable. You will go home with a story to tell your friends. Enjoy the exhibitions and stay to enjoy the fully packed and pumping dance floor until late in the night.


With Sydney primed to be a world-class destination for the perfect nightlife experience, you can visit any of the nightlife locations described in this article for your ultimate nightlife experience.

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