These Are The 5 Best Destinations For A Bachelorette Weekend Getaway

Bachelorette Party

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As if we need an excuse for a weekend away with our closest friends, the bachelorette party is quintessential. Whether it’s a feet-in-the-sand or a dip-in-the-lake kind of weekend, it’s the ideal way to give the most thrilling well-wishes to the bride-to-be.


You don’t have to be made of money in order to plan a destination bachelorette party. There is a location that fits every budget. Choose the perfect location that fits your perfect bride’s dream vacation. These are the five best destinations for a bachelorette weekend getaway:

1. The Beach

Typically when you think of a destination site fitting for a wedding celebration, white sands and crystal clear water comes to mind. The breeze on your face, the sand between your toes, and the sun on your skin are a soothing, relaxing combination that would calm any bride’s nerves. Depending on which beach you visit, the costs will vary. You will need to consider the cost of a condo versus a hotel room, whether you will cook the food or eat out, and if you spend your time on the beach or visit the local tourist attractions. The cost can add up quickly, so do some research before you set sail for the beach.

2. The City

If you live nearest to a big city, there are typically lots of places to go sightseeing. You could spend the day at the local shops, schedule a photographer for a group photo session, or you book a hotel room and see what the nightlife has to offer. The cost of this type of trip will need to incorporate a potential place to stay, a few meals at nearby restaurants, and could also include admission to a show or sporting event. As with any location, try to find a few group discounts before you make reservations in a high-traffic tourist city.

3. The Campsite

If you have an adventurous trip theme in mind, camping is the way to go. It’s a quaint, nature-filled type of weekend getaway. You will be surrounded with just a few friends, some hiking trails, and maybe a waterfall or two. Camping is one of the cheapest getaways to plan because campsites are usually inexpensive and after that fee, you only have to worry about supplying the food. Before you select this option, make sure all of the guests know what to expect, and try to reserve a site near the shower facility for the guests who are less outdoorsy.

4. The Mountains  

A cabin in the mountains is ideal for those who love cool, crisp air and a beautiful view. Similar to camping, a cabin provides a private atmosphere for quality time for the bride and her friends. Cabin rentals range in price, but if the cost is split between all of the vacationers it can be a financially doable option. Food can be packed ahead of time to save the extra cash, and you can plan a special meal at a nearby restaurant for a celebratory bridal dinner.  

5. The Lakeside  

If the beach or the cabin sounds appealing, but you live far from either location, the lakeside is the perfect substitute. There are usually rentable cabins near the lake if you choose to spend a few days near the water. Or, if you crave the getaway atmosphere without the vacation prices, plan a day trip that includes a picnic or a few hours of boating. Food costs will be relatively low, since you will have to pack meals or dine at the marina. And the memories and adventures you will share will definitely be priceless.  

Any of these are prime locations to celebrate the bride before the big day. She deserves the very best from her very best friends. Make sure you help her pack for the type of location you will be visiting, and keep her calm and organized during the trip. While she hurriedly finishes the final touches of the wedding planning, double check your reservations for the weekend, make sure you pack the things she might forget to bring along, and check that her home is secure before she leaves the house – the last thing you want is for her home to be broken into while she is off celebrating before her wedding. Once everything is in order, help her relax by giving her the best destination bachelorette weekend getaway.

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