Tips To Make Your Big Day Bespoke: Personal Touches For Your Wedding

Most of us have an image or a template in our minds when it comes to planning a wedding, but increasingly, couples are choosing to veer off the beaten track. Today, there is freedom to roam and explore new ideas. If you’re looking to make your big day bespoke, we’ve put together a guide to help you add personal touches that will make the occasion extra special. 

Writing your own vows

Many people choose to say traditional wedding vows, but there is an option to write your own vows. Creating your own vows is a simple but incredibly powerful way to put your stamp on your wedding ceremony and share your story with loved ones. You can decide whether to write a speech or keep things short and sweet and you can opt for something formal and more traditional or something light-hearted and fun. Think carefully about what you want to say. Your vows should represent your relationship and match the style and tone of your wedding. Some couples write vows together while others choose to surprise their other half on the day. You can get ideas and inspiration online but try to make your vows unique. 

Choosing wedding outfits that complement your style

For many brides-to-be, the most exciting part of planning the wedding is going dress shopping. Looking for gowns is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people and it’s natural to be excited. It’s very popular to walk down the aisle in a traditional long white or ivory gown with a veil but the classic bridal look isn’t for everyone. More and more brides are choosing to be more creative with their wedding outfits, opting for short dresses, colorful gowns, statement-making shoes, less formal attire or even themed fancy dress. When you’re shopping for wedding outfits, look for pieces that complement your style. If you never wear dresses, for example, there’s nothing to stop you from wearing a skirt and top co-ord, a tailored suit or a jumpsuit. If you want to add color to your ceremony, you don’t have to choose a white gown. You could go for blush or dove gray or be bold with fuschia pink, red or black. 

If you’re considering a non-traditional wedding look, it’s a brilliant idea to try different pieces and accessories together and see how you feel. You may find that you love your unique get-up, or you might gravitate towards a much simpler and more conventional outfit once you’ve tried a range of options. 

Putting your party playlist together

If you’ve ever read a wedding magazine or been to a wedding before, you’re probably familiar with all the dance floor classics and lists of must-have tunes to get the party started. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with playing all the tracks that people love to dance to at wedding receptions, but sharing ideas for songs is a fantastic way to make your special day more personal. Look for the finest wedding DJs, discuss options and create playlists together. Include songs that mean something to you as a couple, add tracks that take you back to your school or college days and throw in some tunes from your bachelor and bachelorette parties to bring good memories flooding back. If you’re keen to get your guests involved in your big day, asking them to suggest a song is a great idea. 

Celebrating personal food preferences

Wedding food has diversified hugely in recent years. Once upon a time, almost every couple had a sit-down dinner with a menu that usually reflected popular appetizers, mains and desserts rounded off with a coffee and a slice of wedding cake. Today, there’s scope to embrace all kinds of cuisines and culinary tastes. Choosing your wedding food is an opportunity to celebrate your personal food preferences and make your day different. Barbecues, hog roasts, burger and pizza vans, picnics and al fresco brunches are ideal for informal outdoor gatherings while buffets and sharing boards are brilliant options for large parties. A formal fine dining feast may appeal to foodies looking to share their love of high-quality ingredients with friends and family members while afternoon tea may suit those looking for an affordable alternative to a sit-down meal for more casual celebrations. Explore different options, compare quotes and plan a menu that showcases your tastes. 

When you’re conjuring up ideas for food and drinks, you could also customize your menu. Examples include personalized cocktails and canapes inspired by places you’ve been. 


Decorating your wedding venue offers a golden opportunity to get creative and personalize the day. As well as deciding on a theme or style for the room and choosing tableware and a color palette, it’s a fabulous idea to incorporate personal touches. You could add signs with your name on to point guests in the right direction, customize donut walls, or name your tables after your favorite bands, vacation destinations or fashion designers. Creating bespoke wedding favors is another ingenious way to inject individuality into your day. You could write a short poem for each guest, make place settings with photos or put together a little bundle of gifts that include things you love. Ideas include mini pots of honey, miniature spirits, tealights and edible treats. If you’re looking for inspiration, browse social media feeds and wedding magazines and adapt ideas you’ve seen on TV or in real life at weddings you’ve attended. 

Planning a wedding should be one of the most enjoyable life experiences, but often, we get bogged down in tradition and feel like we have to follow a set guide or template. The beauty of modern weddings is that there is scope to explore new ideas and be creative. There are lots of ways you can put your stamp on your special day and ensure that it reflects your relationship and your personalities. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional wedding, but if you like the idea of trying something new or putting a unique spin on the day, don’t feel that you have to conform or check boxes. Celebrate your individuality and plan a day that is personal to you. From your wedding vows and the music you choose to your outfits and the food you serve, there are endless options to make your big day bespoke.

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