Top 7 Honeymoon Destinations in Italy

Italy is a top spot for lovers looking to spend memorable time together. Newlywedded couples find Italy a preferred location to spend time together after their wedding. This has made the country one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. Check out these 7 honeymoon destinations you can visit within the country.


Private & small group tours of Italy often include the scenic town of Amalfi. This UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site has everything you want in a honeymoon spot. The blue waters of the sea gently lap against the dramatic cliffs that shoot out in the background. A short walk away from the sea will take you to the woods, where you and your spouse can enjoy some quiet time with the creatures that call the wood home.

In Amalfi, you have a lot of beautiful sights to occupy your time and make you maintain a romantic mood throughout. Stay in a luxurious hotel, dine in highly-rated restaurants and explore the attractions in the area. If you and your partner like physical adventures, you can hike the famous “trail of the Gods.” If not, just visit the museums and historical castles around.


Venice is a popular honeymoon spot among lovers in Italy and beyond. It is often regarded as the most romantic city in the country, and those who have been there have no objections to that title. You can join the club by taking a high-speed train from Rome to Venice to see what the rave is about. These train trips last about 4 hours.

When you get to Venice, you have various options to enjoy your time with your spouse. One of your first decisions is whether to join an organized tour or explore the area by yourself. Both options are appealing, and you should think deeper about your preference. Whichever option you settle for, remember to see all the iconic places around, like the Clock Tower, Doge’s Palace, Saint Mark’s Basilica, Museo Correr, and others.

Lake Como

Lake Como is a dreamy site for lovers, especially if you are just commencing your marital journey. The area boasts beautiful sights, from the iconic Lake Como to the stunning villas that scream luxury. What makes Lake Como unique for couples is that it has everything you need. You can have your wedding in one of the scenic spots in the area before settling in for the honeymoon.

For your honeymoon, you can stay at the same hotel rented for the wedding or switch to somewhere more suited to you and your spouse’s taste. Then, set out to enjoy the next days admiring the stunning views around you as you commence your marital journey. A common activity is the boat tour that allows you to enjoy views of the spectacular lake from various angles. You may also be thrilled to know that most boats are the same used by celebrities when they stayed in the area.


Tuscany is mainly known for the wine exported from the area, but tourists have come to appreciate its charms over the years. The area is simply beautiful, with nostalgic structures, rolling hills, and bright sunflower fields that go on and on. What makes this town attractive to tourists goes beyond the vineyards. Its proximity to one of the main cities in the country is also an advantage over more obscure locations.

Tuscany boasts several notable attractions, including Siena, the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. While you are there, engage in fun activities like tasting wine, sampling local delicacies, and exploring all the town has to offer in terms of adventure.


Sicily is one place you want to prioritize if you are having your honeymoon in the middle of the holiday season. The area gets less crowded than most major cities and towns. The fewer visitors do not mean it is inferior in sight. Sicily offers everything from mouthwatering cuisine to fascinating attractions.

In Sicily, you should start your honeymoon by relaxing by the sea and allowing the calmness of the water to seep into you. Then, you can walk around town to watch a movie at Teatro Massimo in Palermo (the largest theater in Italy) or see Mount Etna, one of the largest active volcanoes in Europe.


Puglia is another place to go if you want to deal with only a few tourists during your honeymoon. The beautiful region is still under the radar of many tourists and boasts unspoiled landscapes you will enjoy exploring with your significant other. Pretend as if you have all the time in the world as you walk around, relax by the gorgeous coastline, and taste all the wonderful cuisines.

Things to do in Puglia include walking the coastline, tasting local wine and cuisines, and exploring neighboring towns. One of the best sights around is the scenic town of Polignano a Mare, which will steal your breath with its magnificent coastline and the cliffscape around it.


Wherever you are starting from, Rome is one spot you don’t want to miss on your honeymoon. The city has everything you need to make your honeymoon memorable. Start from the remarkable architectural pieces around to scintillating events held regularly in various parts of the city.

You and your spouse can engage in many activities while in Rome, and you may need help knowing where to start. However, some pointers will make your planning easier. Set aside a few days to explore top attractions like museums, world-renowned monuments, fashion boutiques, and various pieces that show the history of the Church.

If you have enough free time and budget to cover an extended honeymoon, you can visit more than one of these beautiful places with your spouse. Also, remember that if your wedding is during the peak holiday season, you may have to deal with many tourists who fill these popular spots.

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