Wedding photography: How to light the spark of romance

Wedding Photographs

Passion and sex appeal are not just for those hot and steamy engagement photos.  Romance is the spark that will transform your wedding day album into a storybook album.

After all your wedding day is the first day of your living happily ever after in wedding bliss.  A trained and experienced wedding photographer knows how to capture every tender moment of romance.

What could be more romantic than celebrating with your first kiss under a sunlit sky with white sand glistening beneath your toes?  Perhaps sharing your first dance enthralled in the arms that will hold you forever.

Through the lens of a professional all of these once in a lifetime moments are made timeless by capturing each one.

As a Destin, Florida, wedding photographer it is especially crucial to understand how to use and diffuse direct sunlight.  It can be very challenging to shoot a mid-afternoon wedding on the beach due to the brightness of the sun. In this scenario, it is vital to be able to work with the light, by positioning a reflector in direct sunlight to bounce raw sunlight onto the subject, resulting in radiant accent lighting; thus giving the effect of a romantic kiss of light.

Telling a story in wedding photography is more than the laissez-fare method of photojournalism; it must go beyond documentation and candids.  The future of wedding photography is to create a collection of photographs that truly reflect the couple’s essence in artful imagery.

If a picture can speak a thousand words, you have done your job well!

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