What Drinks Should You Serve at Your Wedding? 5 Traditional Options — and 5 Unconventional Ideas 

As you are sure to know, there are a lot of different things you need to decide on when planning your wedding. One thing you won’t want to overlook is the choice of drinks that you serve.

It is a good idea to serve both traditional options and more unconventional beverages, so here are some ideas that you will undoubtedly want to consider.

5 Traditional Options

It’s best to have some traditional wedding drinks available so that your guests will be happy. So, here are five traditional options you should serve.

1. Champagne

The moment you think of toasting at a wedding, champagne immediately comes to mind. This traditional drink is synonymous with celebration and joy. It’s the perfect beverage to make a memorable toast for the special couple.

2. Wine

Adding a touch of sophistication to your wedding reception is as simple as offering an array of carefully selected wines. Consider providing choices like reds, whites, and rosés that cater to your guests’ varying tastes.

Wine pairs beautifully with different meal options to elevate your guests’ dining experience.

3. Signature Cocktails

For a world-class wedding, consider creating signature cocktails that represent you and your partner’s tastes and personalities.

For example, if you both love tropical getaways, create cocktails using coconut rum or passion fruit flavorings. Offering signature drinks gives guests an insight into your shared interests while enjoying delicious beverages.

4. Beer

While it may not be the most glamorous option on this list, beer provides a casual atmosphere for those who enjoy comfort in their refreshments.

5. Non-Alcoholic Drinks

It’s essential to have non-alcoholic options for underage guests and those who do not consume alcohol. Consider serving classic virgin cocktails like Shirley Temples, or provide juices and flavored waters.

House-made lemonade or iced tea are also popular choices to help everyone feel included in the festivities. 

5 Unconventional Options

To make your wedding memorable and ensure it goes with a bang, consider serving less conventional drinks as well as traditional beverages. Here are five unconventional options to consider.

1. Home-brewed Beer

For a truly unique and personal spin on your wedding beverages, why not consider brewing your own beer? If you or your partner are avid homebrewers, this option adds an extra layer of customization to the big day.

By brewing up SMaSH beers, which are single malt and single hop beers, for instance, you can showcase the simplicity and beauty of individual malt and hop combinations.

When you brew SMaSH beers and serve them at your wedding, your guests will have a chance to enjoy something new that will leave a lasting impression.

2. Bubble Tea

For a playful and unconventional addition to your wedding beverage selection, consider serving bubble tea. 

Originating in Taiwan, this delightful concoction typically features a blend of milk tea with chewy tapioca pearls. With various flavors to choose from, guests can indulge in unique and enjoyable treats that add novelty to your celebration.

3. Mead

Mead is an ancient alcoholic beverage created through the fermentation of honey and water. With its rich history dating all the way back to early civilizations, mead adds an element of mystery and intrigue to your wedding festivities. 

4. Cold Brew Mocktails

Keep guests energized and refreshed during those late-night dances by offering cold brew mocktails. These innovative non-alcoholic drinks combine the bold flavors of cold brew coffee with fresh juices or fruit purees for a unique and invigorating fusion.

Guests could even experiment with varying components to create their own customized mocktails to add an element of excitement to the festivities.

5.  Kombucha

As health trends continue to gain popularity, kombucha has made its way onto the list of must-try beverages. This fermented tea offers potential probiotic benefits and comes in various flavors, making it an interesting option for your wedding drink menu.

Introduce alcoholic versions like kombucha cocktails or hard kombucha options for those who want a bit of a buzz with their health-conscious beverage choice.

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