What Makes a World-Class Wedding?

Some people are happy just to have a small wedding ceremony that fulfills the legal requirements for marriage. But other people have higher ambitions. They want their wedding to stand out as one of the best days of their lives. And with good reason — your wedding is a chance to declare your love for your partner in front of your nearest and dearest. It’s a (hopefully) once in a lifetime opportunity! 

Of course, a top-tier wedding won’t happen all on its own. You’ll need to make it happen, and a big part of that is making sure that it has all the elements of a world-class wedding. So what does that entail? Let’s take a look.

The Guest List

A wedding can’t be an all-time great without an incredible guest list. After all, the people you invite aren’t just there to witness your marriage to your loved one; they’ll also bring a party spirit to proceedings. Putting together a great wedding guest list can seem difficult, but there’s a basic formula you can follow: invite the people who you can’t imagine not being at your wedding! And make sure to send the invites early, so they come to your wedding and not someone else’s. 

The Venue

The wedding venue sets the tone of the day. While you can have a good wedding in most any space, if you’re looking to have a great wedding, then you’ll need to select a world-class venue. Regardless of where you live, there’ll be a luxury wedding venue somewhere nearby — or, alternatively, you could also consider having a destination wedding, which will open up your options considerably. If you’re looking for some inspiration on the type of venue that you should be booking, take a look at https://anthologyevents.com/; you can probably imagine how memorable it would be to get married in a venue like that. Basically, the goal is to have your guests say “wow” when they arrive. 

The Food

People love going to weddings because they get to witness their friends/family declare their love, but also: they love weddings for the quality of the food that’s served. So if you’re going to have a wedding to remember, be sure to spend the time sampling a variety of caterers, and go with the one that has your purring with satisfaction. A great meal can elevate any occasion, but at a wedding, it can elevate the atmosphere to a whole other dimension. 

The Entertainment
Finally, think of the party. After the food, people are ready to cut loose and have a good time. In truth, they’d be happy with any old dancefloor, but if you’re trying to put together a wedding that lives long in the memory, then look at pulling out all the stops. A cocktail bar can get people into the party spirit, while a live band can be a cut above the usual DJ. Although, having said that, you’ll definitely want an experienced wedding DJ spinning some tunes once they’re finished.

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