What To Know About Changing Your Name & How To Make It Simple!

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What You Actually Need To Know About Changing Your Name

As you plan your wedding, and your future with your spouse, don’t forget about the topic of name change. Over 88% of U.S. brides opt to change their names in some way after the big day. While you’ll receive tons of advice on the subject, here’s exactly what you need to know.

Your Name Doesn’t Automatically Change.

This sounds silly, but it’s true. Unless you file a series of legal name change forms, you may be married, but your maiden name is still your legal name.

You Have Options

Brides don’t have to replace their maiden names with their spouse’s last name. In most states you can take two last names with or without a hyphen, replace your middle name with your maiden name, or add your maiden name as a middle name. These options give you more ways to compromise on name and find one that fits your personal style. Choose the married name that makes the most sense for your marriage and personal situation.

Request Multiple Copies of Your Marriage Certificate

Your certified marriage certificate is the document that allows you to legally change your last name after marriage. Most federal and state offices will need a certified copy of your marriage certificate to process your name change requests. So, if you have ordered 2-3 certificates from the County Clerk’s Office, you can file multiple forms simultaneously.

Research Your State’s Name Change Process

Many states have different filing orders for your Social Security Card, IRS 8822, U.S. Passport, driver’s license, voter registration. Knowing which form needs to be filed in what order in your state of residence, will save you countless newlywed headaches and unneeded trips to government offices.

Change Your Name The Easy Way

Feeling overwhelmed by the endless list of things that need to be changed to your married name? MissNowMrs.com is an easy online name change service that streamlines the tedious 13 hour process into 30 minutes. They’ve helped over 400,000 brides transition to Mrs., and would love to assist you. So head over to MissNowMrs.com to go from Miss to Mrs. in minutes!


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