Wedding Ideas

Are You Ready For Your Alterations?

Did you know you had to prepare for your bridal gown alterations? Well, you do. Preparations are necessary to make sure your alterations proceed smoothly and efficiently. Just a few easy steps will get you ready to see your seamstress. Step 1- You need to have the shoes and undergarments that you plan to wear […]

This will knock your socks…on? Bold Socks for you Groomsmen!

Traditional wedding attire, for the most part, tends to drive down the middle lane of the fashion interstate. A nice, steady, consistent speed…keeping up with traffic, and never veering too far out of it’s lane. And for good reason.  Groomsmen look great in tuxedos and suits.  (Did you ever think the groom’s best friend from […]

Who to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s so exciting! Glitter and champagne and beautiful gowns are all around you but who do you want to have there by your side? While dress shopping is exciting and you definitely want to celebrate you also need to make sure you have just the right group to help you make that crucial decision. One […]

Wedding Dress- The Most Beautiful Thing You Will Ever Wear

From the time you were a little girl wrapping the bed covers over your head, you’ve already pictured what your dream wedding is going to be like. This magical event has been in the planning process for about two decades or so. Finally when the day arrives, all of this planning doesn’t seem to go […]

Blush Pink Spring Wedding

Geraldine and Eric chose a soft and fresh feel for their elegant spring wedding. They decided to go with a blush pink wedding palette to match the cheery blossoms blooming outdoors in the spring. The Venetian in Garfield, NJ housed their elegant wedding reception which looked like a fairytale wedding. The gorgeous crystal candelabras were […]

Spring Wedding – {Green Wedding Ideas}

This beautiful wedding took place in Scottsdale, AZ in early May. The emerald green wedding details were simple and elegant, and they blended beautifully with the Arizona desert backdrop. The groomsmen wore green argyle socks and hypericum berry boutonnieres. The bridesmaids had beautiful emerald green dresses and with white and green wedding bouquets. The outdoor […]

Mother of the Bride Dresses

These gorgeous mother of the bride dresses are perfect for your mom. Browse through all of the dresses Wedding-Now has to offer; they will be sure to make her feel incredibly special on your wedding day. They have tons of great styles and colors to choose from. Whether your mom is looking for a taffeta […]

Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation

It is estimated that this year alone over 200,000 women and more than 1,900 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Sadly, breast cancer will take the lives of more than 40,000 people this year in the United States and over 410,000 worldwide. In the United States one person will be diagnosed with breast cancer […]

Weddings and Tattoos

To cover or not to cover your tattoos- that is the question. In my humble opinion the right answer is, “whatever makes you happy”.  The truth is, that most of us don’t have that freedom (as much as we should.)  Be it that your grandmother would have a fit, your conservative boss would be appalled, […]

Trash the Dress

Go ahead! You know you want to. Roll around in the sand, get it wet… trash your dress.. Why not? You are getting married with your one and only true love so you’ll never need the dress again, besides you are in the beautiful Cabo’s beach, the perfect scenery to be creative. You have just […]

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