11 Vintage Gift Ideas for a Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are a great time to reflect on your relationship, celebrate a joyous occasion, spend more quality time together, and reconnect as a couple while taking a break from your daily chores and duties. And, of course, what anniversary would be complete without a sentimental and symbolic gift, even if it’s just something small?

You can give many standard gifts for a wedding anniversary, like a plant or a personalized mug, which are always cute and unique presents, safe to go with if you are unsure what to get. But what if you are interested in something more sophisticated? For instance, you can go with something vintage.

Below, you will find a list of vintage gift ideas for a wedding anniversary – a perfect gift if you have a vintage-loving spouse or want to choose an exceptional gift. They include but are not limited to enduring silverware, Pacific chinaware, jewelry pieces, floral dinner plates, a vanity table, and marble serving pieces. Continue reading to find something to your spouse’s liking!

Silverware Set

A silverware set is an excellent gift for someone who has a good number of kitchen utensils or wants to start building a nice collection. The variety of styles, shapes, and patterns that silverware manufacturers offer is astounding. So, if you are looking for something vintage, you can definitely find it among cutlery sets. The designs may vary, but they are all made of silver, which makes them a thoughtful gift for an anniversary.

Art Deco Vanity Table

One of the best gift ideas for a wedding anniversary is a vanity table, especially if your spouse loves dressing up or if you are planning to have a wedding anniversary party. A vanity table is an attractive piece of furniture that adds to the beauty of your home, especially if it is made of marble or another high-end material. You can display it in your bedroom or lounge area, and you can use it as a dressing table, a coffee table, or a storage space.

Floral Dinner Plates

One of the most aesthetic gift ideas for a wedding anniversary is floral dinner plates. These are usually made of china with pastel colors of flowers on the background. If you are thinking of giving this as a gift to your spouse, make sure to pair it with a matching teapot or teacup. This is a perfect gift if your spouse loves gardening or appreciates nature – or if she loves to cook.

Chinese Bowls

Chinese bowls are also great gift ideas for a wedding anniversary because they are elegant and functional. They are made of bone china known for its fine detail, durability, and strength. They can serve as a display piece and a serving bowl for fruits, snacks, pastries, and other goodies. So if your spouse loves to host gatherings or parties, or you want to treat her to an elegant gift, then these bowls are for you.

Vintage Glass Pitcher

Another stylish gift idea for a wedding anniversary is a vintage glass pitcher. The design of such items is simple yet charming; they have several layers of color and shapes. You can display it in either your kitchen or dining area to give these rooms a classic look. It would also look great on your countertop if you place fresh flowers inside it.

Antique Linen

Vintage linen is a lovely gift idea for a wedding anniversary if you have a spouse who loves baking or cooking. You can use it as a tablecloth, an apron, or as a towel. Vintage linens are also fantastic if you want to give your home a retro look. You can choose from various colors, sizes, and designs: stripes, polka dots, and floral prints.

Lace Napkins

Lace napkins are a must-have item in your home, especially if it has a theme or style that features lace or other floral designs. They will add a vintage touch to your décor. You can choose from various sizes and colors, and you can also match them with other home décor items like lace doilies, tablecloths, and runners.

Floral Tins

Floral tins make unique gift ideas for a wedding anniversary if you want to give something practical yet beautiful to your spouse. You can use them as storage boxes or as special containers for keeping makeup and accessories. You can also use these as decorative pieces on your vanity table or coffee table or as favors for your guests at your next party.

Flower Vases

There are only a few items that can show your love for vintage design better than flower vases. If you want to give something nostalgic as a gift to your spouse, then this is a perfect choice. Flower vases come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can pick one that will fit right into your décor and fill your home with the freshest flowers.

Carved Wooden Boxes

Like floral tins, wooden boxes are also cute gift ideas for a wedding anniversary because they can double as storage and decorating pieces. You can use them to store your jewelry or other accessories or put them on your dresser and display them as part of your décor. If you choose to give this as a gift to your spouse, make sure to pair it with something else like a small piece of jewelry or a set of personalized stationery.

Crystal Berry Bowls

Want to give your spouse something that’s both classic and beautiful? Then crystal bowls are the way to go! They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can pick the right one that fits your tastes. Their uniqueness comes from the material used – crystal – and their sophisticated design, which will stand out in your home. No wonder they were such a hit back in the day!

Final Note

Wedding anniversary gifts are a special kind of gift to give to a loved one, especially if you want to make a statement. For instance, the items you choose for a wedding anniversary should reflect a very personal meaning – your love for each other. If your significant other is a collector of beautiful things or enjoys vintage items, then vintage gifts are a great option.

Vintage gifts have a unique look and feel that your spouse will appreciate, and they also have a distinctive quality that makes them special. So, if you want to give a unique gift to your spouse on your wedding anniversary, then one of the items mentioned above is a great choice!

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