6 Beautiful and Meaningful Gift Options for a Religious Wedding 

A wedding is a joyous occasion for the happy couple, their families, and friends. It is also a time to give gifts to the newlyweds to congratulate them and wish them a happy life in matrimony. However, choosing a wedding gift can sometimes be a little challenging, especially when you want to get something unique that the pair will treasure for years to come. 

And as you may already know, it can be even tougher to pick the right gift with the wedding type and the couple’s religious considerations in mind. 

Luckily, here are six beautiful and meaningful gift options you can consider getting for a religious wedding. 

1. A Photo Album (Any Religion) 

As cliché as it might sound, you can never go wrong with a photo album as a wedding gift. Yes, you’ll probably not be the only person getting them an album, but you can rest assured that they’ll use it. In weddings, volumes of photos are usually taken, from the start all the way into the honeymoon. To make it stand out, consider a personalized wedding album or customize it according to the couple’s religion.

2. Handmade Rosaries (Catholic)

If the wedding couple is catholic, nothing can be more meaningful than a rosary as a gift. It will not only help with their prayers, but the beads will also help keep the memories of their special day fresh in their minds each time they pray together.

Instead of getting the first rosary you come across at your nearest store, do some homework online, sampling as many designs as you can. Several sites actually stock various styles of handmade rosaries designed to last, alongside other potential gift items such as bracelets, prayer books, candles, wreaths, and more.

3. Prayer Rug (Muslim) 

From hijabs to prayer beads, books, and incense, there’s a wide range of acceptable gift items at a Muslim wedding. A prayer Rug is one of the gifts that the couple, especially the groom, would consider meaningful. Also called sajjāda in Arabic, a Muslim prayer rug is a sacred mat that’s characteristically different from ordinary mats. It features a niche motif called Mihrab at the top end, which indicates when the devotee places their head in prayer.

4. Kiddush Cups (Jewish)

The cups are named after Jewish benediction and prayer that’s recited over a cup of wine before a meal on the night before Sabbath or a major festival. Kiddush cups are also a Jewish wedding tradition, where guests bring cups of wine or water and a sweet snack as a symbol of love for the couple.

Although every couple may have their own special Jewish tradition for wedding gifts, you can’t go wrong with getting kiddush cups for a Jewish wedding.

5. A Personalized Ornament With Cross (Christian) 

Another custom associated with religious weddings is the use of symbols and holy figures as wedding gifts. For a Christian wedding, a personal gift can be a small figurine of a holy figure, a carving, or even a wall decal. But to really stand out, why not get a gift with an important Christian symbol on it, such as a personalized cross? You could even have an encouraging Bible verse or the names of the couple engraved in it.

6. Silver Bracelet or Pyhaalu (Hindu) 

Jewelry is highly treasured in Hindu weddings and other celebrations. Women generally wear a gold or silver chain with some kind of religious symbol on it as part of their wedding ceremony. But the same goes for men as well, and silver bracelets or pyhaalu can be a great gift for the happy couple. The man will wear silver bracelets during their marital life, which also can be customized according to the couple’s lifestyle and tastes.

Especially if you have different beliefs, attending a religious wedding may require doing some homework about various things. This includes the kind of gifts to get for the couple. The above are just a few suggestions on meaningful gifts you can get for the newlyweds when invited to a religious wedding.

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