A Wedding Abroad: Everything You Must Know About Planning The Event

Every couple dreams of a wedding abroad – on the seashore, in an old castle, or among green vineyards. But such an event is associated with some subtleties and nuances of organization, especially if it is going to be held abroad. To prevent unpleasant surprises from overshadowing your special day, it is important to follow several important rules and plan the event properly. In this short guide, we will share with you some key nuances of how to plan a wedding abroad.

#1 – Choose a Country and Location for the Wedding

When you are just thinking about holding a wedding abroad, you need to decide what this event should look like. Having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, you can easily decide on a great wedding location

The location of your overseas wedding will determine not only the style and mood (a beach party on a tropical island, the luxury of ancient villas and castles in Europe, the seaside, the comfort of the countryside, etc.) but will also allow you to plan the budgeting of the event that matches your wedding ideas. 

#2 – Pick the Best Season

For example, if you are planning a wedding in Italy, then it is better to hold the event in the summer or fall. However, it can still be cool and rainy in May or June. Of course, you can choose a restaurant, villa or hotel with a suitable site in case of bad weather. However, we doubt that you want to associate this special event with a rainy, cloudy, and cold day, right?

#3 – Study the Contract Carefully

You can get a very good discount on the hotel, and then it may turn out that they sell you additional services at a very high price and are not working with contractors. Each country/company has its particular procedures, laws, mentality, habits, market characteristics, and pricing. So make sure that you are aware of all the details to avoid any pitfalls in the future.

#4 – Choose Local Technical Contractors

There are many important nuances when it comes to approvals and documents, so it is sometimes cheaper to hire local contractors. Of course, sometimes it is still better to entrust the decor and floristry to the company you know. However, in any case, we strongly recommend determining both scenarios and calculate the associated costs before making the final decision. 

#5 – Find a Good Photographer & Camera Man

You most probably want this special event to be captured in your memory, right? And this is where a photographer and a camera man will come to the rescue. Make sure that you check their works before signing a contract. Of course, the choice of both a photographer and a camera man depends on the budget you have. If there is no red line that you need to stick to, then you can hire just any professional – be it a local specialist or the one from your native country. In case of a reduced budget, you can always ask your friend to shoot the special moment in your life and then use an online video editor to create a full-fledged movie that you can watch with your soulmate again and again to remember that unique moment in your life.

#6 – Consider the Laws of the Country

At this stage, organizers agree with the mayor’s office on the time of dancing and music, the use of pyrotechnics, and the performance of artists. All taxes must be paid before the start of the banquet in order to avoid any troubles during the party.

#7 – Clarify the Peculiarities of Foreign Chefs

For example, in Italy, chefs are not ready to serve hot meals of your choice. They want you to write a list of guests who have food allergies, who do not eat meat, etc. two weeks before the event. So be aware of all the nuances and address them in advance.

#8 – Make a Guest List

Make sure that you have a list of guests even before you start arranging the event. Announce your decision to organize a wedding abroad to your family and friends before sending them an invitation. Give them the opportunity to comprehend everything and analyze their financial capabilities for this trip. 


The sooner you inform your potential guests, the more time they will have to plan their trip. By creating such an event, you give yourself and your guests not only a colorful celebration, but also an unforgettable journey that turns into a fabulous vacation in a wonderful place! Perhaps this is what they dreamed of! By the way, if you have no idea of how to make your wedding invitations, these wedding invitation templates will come to the rescue.

#9 – Have a Trip to the Place of Your Future Wedding

This is especially relevant for couples who are planning a large-scale wedding event abroad with a huge number of guests. After all, if you decide to have a small wedding abroad “for the two” or with the closest people in a popular venue, then you can explore all the available options via the Internet. 


In addition, by contacting an experienced wedding agency, you can be sure that you will be offered all sorts of options and will check photos and video clips from the weddings already held. Be inspired by wedding decoration ideas implemented by other people and pick the one that you like most of all.


A professional wedding agency will recommend the most optimal accommodation for you and your guests. They can also select the best florists/makeup artists/photographers with the best photo editing software and create the perfect timing for your wedding day. And all this is possible without the need to first visit the place of your future wedding abroad.

#10 – Allocate Sufficient Time to Organize the Event

The best wedding venues are booked by couples from all over the world already a year in advance, especially when it comes to weekends. A villa for a celebration can be reserved for three to four days, approximately five months in advance. It is also worth considering the work schedule of the best wedding photographers, videographers, and presenters. If you organize a DIY wedding, give yourself no less than six months to make all the arrangements and preparations. Use a special wedding planner to be up to speed on.

Do Not Worry – Enjoy!

Turn your wedding abroad into a special event that both you and your closest people will remember all their lives. Give yourself enough time to organize everything and stick to the above wedding tips, not to miss out on a single detail. If you are not ready to take care of everything yourself, then you can entrust the wedding organization to an experienced wedding planner who knows how to organize your wedding. A dedicated specialist will take care of all the hassle of preparing for the wedding, paperwork, and booking venues and services. This approach will save you unnecessary hassle and turn wedding preparation into a calm and pleasant time for you and your beloved one!


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