How Do You Plan a Tipi Wedding? Top Tips

Weddings were a hot topic in 2020, but not in a positive way. Covid arrived and scuppered many couples’ plans across the states, and elsewhere in the world. Once the pandemic was announced weddings began to be canceled and postponed. According to Statista, April 2020 saw over 80% of planned weddings get canceled. 

It looks like things might be returning to normal. And this year weddings are going ahead again. Unfortunately, due to the postponements of last year, there is a backlog that is forcing many to push their plans back. 

Another big consideration this year is how to handle restrictions enforced by Covid, and also guests’ special requests. This is a big concern for many when inviting elderly relations. 

One current trend in weddings is to have it outdoors, and by using a tipi, you can help yourself get around some of the current issues with backlogs and restrictions. 

What exactly is a tipi wedding, and how do you plan one and avoid the pitfalls? 

What is a tipi wedding?

Tipis or teepees have been traditionally associated with some North American indigenous people. They also used to be assembled with animal skins. However, modern tipis are more likely to be made from canvas now and used for recreational purposes. 

Tipis are becoming popular in a variety of areas. Many music festivals have tipis for artists to use, campsites have incorporated tipis for glamping, and they are ideal for some events. 

One of the events that tipis are being used for, are weddings. Couples are now looking at tipi tent hire when it comes to arranging their venues, and with good reason. Modern tipis are suitable in the winter as well as the summer, and they can be set up easily in many types of surroundings. 

In short, a tipi wedding is an outdoor event with shelter provided by one or more tipis connected together. Often, couples might only use the tipi for the reception and party, but they can be used for the ceremony too. 


Do you need planning permission?

Normally there is no need for planning permission for a tipi. These forms of structures are temporary and leave no damage behind. The only thing you will need to consider when looking to have a tipi wedding will be your location. 

Does the venue you have chosen have enough room for the type of tipi you want? Is the ground suitable? Are the venue owners aware of your plans and happy to comply? 

Other than that, there are no structural or planning permits to worry about. 

Are there any special considerations with a wedding now?

Sadly, there are extra concerns when planning any wedding today that you may not have had to worry about before last year. Covid has brought with it an unusual set of difficulties that all wedding planners now face. 

Many people are now cutting down their wedding invite lists to allow more room between guests. This is because some guests are expressing concern about social distancing, and some are more at risk. Many couples have said their biggest concern is not to endanger grandparents and other older relations. 

Then there are sanitizers, face masks, and vaccines to think of. The New York Times reports that couples sending out wedding invites are now requesting information such as vaccination statuses. 

Tipi weddings themselves have a few of their own considerations, keep reading to see how to have a successful event. 

Why have a tipi wedding?

Outdoor weddings have become very popular lately, and due to the pandemic, they may become more so. There are many top wedding trends in 2021 to choose from, including the use of brighter colors, and local suppliers. 

One other trend is the tipi. If you are looking for something different, and a way to make your day even more memorable (is that possible?) then a tipi might be a good choice. 

Tipi weddings add a unique atmosphere to the event. There is a fantastic ambiance to be had from an outdoor wedding reception in the evening, and a tipi adds something different.

One of the big dilemmas for many couples is choosing a theme. By using a tipi you have less pressure on how to decorate a dull function room or hall. Nature provides all the decoration you need. Set the tipi by a lake or vineyard for a background you couldn’t replicate any other way. 

What should you prepare for?

When it comes to planning a tipi wedding there will be some things to think about that you might not have to do with a traditional event. Of course, some things will be the same but here are some ideas for planning your big day. 

  • Budget
  • Make your guest list
  • Choose the venue
  • Check that you can have a tipi there
  • Visit a tipi open event
  • Get a tipi quote
  • Check the weather
  • Check for other events
  • Hire caterers
  • Choose your decor or theme

Every wedding needs to be budgeted for. Getting this right means that you will be plain sailing. Getting it wrong can mean stress and headaches when you least need it. 

If your parents are helping out, don’t be afraid to ask how much they are donating. Having transparent finances will make everything clearer. 

You can read below some of the other considerations in more detail. 

Check that your venue can host a tipi

It is all very well finding the perfect private beach location, but if you cannot erect a tipi there your dreams will be scuppered. Talk to your tipi hire company as they will have a list of established venues that they use. 

Visit a tipi open event

Many tipi hire companies will host special days where couples can come and view how their big day might look. This lets you view the tipis up close and imagine how they might work for you. 

If you do have a sponsor for your wedding costs, you can bring them along to show them how the event might work, and where some of their money is going.

Check the weather

The problem here is that unfortunately, the weather is unpredictable. Researching what the weather is most likely to be in your area at that time of year is still useful. Plus, it allows you to draw up a weather plan and contingencies. 

Check for nearby events on your big day

It is easy not to think about what might be happening near you on your wedding day. However, there are many things to think about when planning an outdoor wedding apart from the weather. 

While tipis can be an extremely inventive and unique way to have a wedding, they aren’t soundproof. Check that no music festivals or other noisy events are happening nearby on your wedding day. 


Tipi weddings could become this decade’s big wedding trend. Outdoor ceremonies are already popular, and being able to book a non-traditional wedding venue means that you can jump the queue in some cases. 

If you find the right venue, with no disturbances, and at the right price, then you can book a minister for the vows. 

A tipi might mean that you don’t have to worry about backlogs or Covid restrictions. Instead, you can just enjoy a (hopefully) perfect, sunny day, with friends and family, in the outdoors.

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