Choosing The Best Place To Tie The Knot

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When you were little and you thought about your wedding day, you probably thought about a load of different things every time the fantasy would enter your head. The theme. The ceremony. The person! It’s understandable that you wouldn’t run through hundreds of different scenarios in your head – it is a big deal, after all.

It’s been many years since those days of plotting out primitive nuptials in your mind’s eye, and, to everyone’s delight, you’re engaged to the love of your life. Now you have to actually plan out a real-life wedding! There’s a lot to think about when coming up with different things for the big day, and a huge aspect is the venue. You may have a place locked in and ready to go, but if you don’t and you’re still browsing, let’s look at a few ideas.        

Place Of Worship

The most traditional selection of the lot. The typical place to tie the knot for the majority of people – under the eyes of God. If you’re a deeply religious person or couple, then you’ve probably had this idea from the beginning. It’s obviously not only for those of faith, however. Some people may pick houses of worship due to their beauty and that alone. Or perhaps their family has always gotten married in a particular church and want to continue the tradition.

Private Venue

If your idea of the perfect ceremony is away from it all and in an exclusive area, then you might want to have a look for anyone advertising their private property. If you’ve always fancied, say, a countryside wedding venue away from your usual habitat, then there are websites online that can point you in the right direction. With a private estate, you get to have a lot of say about what goes on, too.      


The good thing about getting married in a big, posh, five-star hotel is that a lot of the time, they are prepared and dedicated to making fantastic wedding services. They pride themselves on having a brilliant venue for guests as well as wonderful catering. If you want a place that will revolve around you and your day, then this is a good option.


Tying the knot in a wonderfully exotic location whilst barefoot is appealing to a lot of people – mainly to those who live in countries or states with miserable weather most of the time! If you’re ready for a laid back, low maintenance event, then you could do a lot worse than having the ceremony on a beach.

Something Completely Unique!

There are loads and loads of different options you can have, in all honesty. It all depends on where your creativity takes you. You can stick to any of the above options, but if you want something so very unique and personal to you, then there will be a place for you. Perhaps you met your fiancé in a certain spot, or you two always reference a particular place as something you’ll never forget – you can definitely make something out of it.

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