How And When To Talk About Engagement Rings With Your Partner

Engagements are an exciting time in anyone’s lives, but for the person actually asking, it can be a very nerve-racking and terrifying build-up. Talking about engagement and engagement rings to your partner is one that you need to ensure you go about the right way, especially when it comes to the relationship you’re in. Here are some tips when it comes to how and when to talk about engagement rings with your partner.

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Is It The Right Time?

We all navigate through life at different speeds, and what happens to one person in their early twenties might not happen to someone else until they reach their early thirties. Everyone is different, and the worst thing you could do is to compare yourself to anyone else. We have different paths to travel, and that’s ok. With that being said, it’s important to know if now is the right time or not for you and your partner. The amount of time you’ve been in a relationship might be a factor, but again, that’s not the case for everyone. It’s more to do with where you are in life and whether you’re ready to commit to one another, regardless of when you would plan to have the wedding. So is the right time for you and your partner to be talking about an engagement, and have you ever spoken about any of your life plans yet? If you’ve not been openly discussing it already, then it might be you’re due the conversation sometime soon, or your partner might not be ready to have that discussion yet. An engagement is a partnership, and if one wants it but the other doesn’t, then it’s important not to push it simply because of your own timeline and what you would like.

Communicate With Your Partner

Communication is vital, and especially so when it comes to a relationship. If you’re not communicating about the simple things, then it’s important to really consider whether you’re ready to talk about getting engaged. The best relationship advice is to always communicate with your partner no matter how frustrated or angry you might be at something they’ve done or that they haven’t done and vice versa. Getting things off your chest is important, and it’s good to be open about your feelings or concerns that you have. If you feel like you’re ready to commit to your relationship to the point where you want to spend the rest of your life with them, then it’s good to have that conversation. It’s important to know where you’re both at, and your feels towards where you are as a couple, and where you’d like to be in the near or distant future.

Don’t Push For An Answer

It’s important that you’re not pushing for an answer if your partner doesn’t really want to talk about engagements yet. It’s only going to be upsetting for both yourself and your other half. It’s good to respect one another’s boundaries and to know when it’s best to let go of the topic. The last thing that either of you may want is to put any strain on the relationship, and asking about engagements may be a lot for the person you’re with to handle, regardless of whether it’s early on in the relationship or not.

Whether you’re the one who’ll be doing the asking or not, it’s good to be respectful of your partner and their wishes. Forcing someone to answer might not be the best way of getting a genuine response as they might say something different in the moment. If it’s meant to be, then this conversation will happen eventually.

Give Your Partner Suggestions On What You Like

Picking out an engagement ring is something that you can choose to ask of your partner, or you can leave it to them to surprise you. If you’re someone who has a specific idea of what they want, then it’s important to let your partner know so that you’re not disappointed with the ring that you get. Although for some, it’s not really about the ring itself, you still need to be wearing it on a daily basis, and it’s going to be shown to pretty much everyone you know. It’s also something to think about if you’re not someone who wears jewelry or rings anyway. Whether you prefer an Oval Diamond Engagement Ring or you’re looking for a more simple ring, then it’s worth doing your own shopping around. Subtly making suggestions is good if you’re both of the same mindset that you want to get engaged.

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Check Your Finances 

One of the important things when getting engaged is that when it comes to buying the ring, your partner can afford it. When it comes to engagement rings, the price is something that is down to your partner to decide, and it’s good if you’re already financially paired together, that you’re allowing them to have control of their income for a while when they’re saving. That way, you really have no idea of the value of your ring, and it’s also good to not know. Your partner shouldn’t be getting you a ring, though, if they’re not financially flush and it’s important to wait if that’s the case until they’re financially ready.

Be Patient

Good things come to those who wait is a saying that is very true. It’s also very applicable to getting engaged. Some things take time, and if you’re trying to rush things, it’s not going to help. With that being said, it’s important to be patient with your partner and to understand that sometimes it can be a case of waiting for the right opportunity or knowing when it’s right for both of you. Let it happen naturally, and don’t put too much pressure on it that it becomes something of a negative for either you or your partner.

Be observant of your partner when it comes to having important conversations like this, and if it’s meant to happen, it will happen in its own time.

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