How to Choose the Best Australian Opal

When it comes to Opal, there are several factors to consider. We hope that our guide to buying the best Australian opals will help you in making the right decision.

Australia is recognized as the biggest producer of top-quality, affordable opal around the globe. For this reason, many people are drawn to buying Australian opal jewellery than other options offered.

However, because of the numerous types of opal jewellery available, from rings for engagements to earrings and pendants, it’s hard to decide the most suitable one for your needs. There are several factors to consider if you want to choose the best one to meet your requirements. Fortunately, we can provide you with suggestions on what you should consider. These tips will help you in finding the perfect opal jewellery.

What is Australian Opal?

Opal is an amazing natural gem made of silica minerals. Contrary to its crystalline relative’s quartz and agate, opal is not crystalline which means its structure is composed of amorphous silica. The main reason opal is unique is its capacity to emit bright colours from deep within the stone. When light strikes an opal, the tiny pieces of silica within the gemstone bounce around and reflect it to reveal a vibrant display of vibrant shades. This is one of the things that make opals so popular buying stone and also costly.

But you must wonder what makes Australia the most popular opal nursery? It all boils down to geochemical conditions in certain areas in Australia. These areas are home to rocks that support the development and production of sedimentary opal. Opal thrives in certain areas where, millions of years ago, geothermal springs flowed. Gradually, the minerals in the earth moved to the surface and then grew within the bedrock cavities, forming opal.

What to Look Out For When Purchasing Australian Opals


If you don’t fall in love with a gemstone the very first time you look at it, we don’t suggest doing enough research. It is important to learn all that is possible about the gem you’re contemplating purchasing to know what questions you need to ask. Check online for testimonials and ensure the sellers are knowledgeable. This will allow you to purchase a piece you will love. If you’re fond of Australian opals and want to know all about these gorgeous gems, you’ll love this online store.

Purpose of buying

Are you shopping for jewellery for yourself, your partner, family friends, or somebody else? The person you’re buying it for will help you choose opal jewellery. If you’re buying it for someone else, it’s essential to get an understanding of their tastes and preferences for this stone to ensure that they will love the item just as much as you do.

Types of Opal

Australia produces over 95 per cent of the world’s opals. Each one of the various types originates from different regions of Australia, and all appear distinct from the other.

Black opals from Lightning Ridge are the ‘Rolls Royce’ of opals. They are very rare and expensive. Boulder opals are sourced from Queensland Opal fields. They can be stunning in colour, however, they also have an ironstone backing, which increases their mass. However, it can make the opals stronger.

Crystal opals are transparent or translucent quality as well as those with good colour can fetch very premium prices. White opals originate out of South Australian opal mines and are characterized by a milky white body tone. This typically results in the colour becoming less vibrant. Nevertheless, a top-quality white opal remains stunning to look at.


To assess an opal’s value look at its colour play and body tone, brilliance, and pattern, as well as how thick the colour bar is and any imperfections like inclusions or cracks. 

Select an opal you like and that matches your skin tone. Red on black is the most desired and expensive, followed by yellow and orange green, but the most popular is blue. 

Check that the Stone Doesn’t have any cracks or flaws 

A reputable and honest opal seller will declare any faults or inclusions within the stone that can be seen by anyone with a keen eye. Natural faults and inclusions are acceptable but don’t purchase a stone that has cracks. If you’re looking at it in the flesh, ensure that it is dry before holding it up to a lamp to check for cracks. 

Be sure not to misinterpret the natural formation lines of the opal with cracks; eventually, you’ll be able to discern the distinction. A damaged stone is useless. The person from whom you purchase the stone is under an obligation to inform you about cracks or flaws in the stone before selling it to you.


The brilliance or brightness is a way in which the worth of opal is assessed. Three types of ratings are: Brilliant, Bright, and Subdued. Brilliant is the brightest and most expensive, while ‘bright’ is in the middle of the spectrum, and subdued has the lowest brightness. Opals with brilliant colours are stunning, but even subdued opals are pretty.


Always obtain a certificate authenticating the purchase. A certificate you get when you purchase an opal can be beneficial for insurance and resale value. It also holds an individual seller accountable.

Special care

Be aware that opals are extremely fragile and require special attention. Opals don’t respond well to sudden temperature fluctuations. Therefore, setting an opal into the jewellery piece requires the expertise of a professional. If you’ve picked an opal with a loose cut that you wish to set in jewellery, ensure that it is done by someone who is an expert in dealing with opals.

Don’t be put off by your choice.

We’re aware that too many choices can be overwhelming and often be left with nothing. Don’t be discouraged in this circumstance. But the more options you have, the greater chance it is that you’ll discover the perfect piece ideal for you or someone special to you. More options will also allow you to determine what’s an appropriate and fair price for the design and style you’re searching for. 

Choose the right seller

Selecting the right seller to buy opal jewellery could be a bit stressful if it’s your first chance of buying it. 

To avoid this, you should seek out advice from your family or friends before selecting the seller. It is also possible to inquire about the vendors and read their reviews as well as guidelines if you’re planning to select an online seller. 

Make sure to ask any questions that pop into your mind and then see the speed at which they answer your queries. Be aware that a trusted seller with excellent customer service will respond within hours, sometimes in minutes.

Tips for buying Australian Opal Online

Once you’ve got a knowledge of the intricacies of Australian Opal, you’re now ready to buy. Here are some suggestions for buying opals on the internet.


When you purchase opals on the internet, it is impossible to know which camera equipment is being used by the seller or what lighting conditions they are using, and so on. This means that there are always slight variations between what the opal’s appearance online and what it looks like when held in your hands. To see the effect of colour from different angles, you should look for opals with a video.

Make sure you choose an authentic opal

An authentic certificate accompanies true opal stones. This is particularly important when making the distinction between synthetic opals and natural opals.

Purchase at opal Auctions Online

Online auctions are a good buying option, especially when you’re a novice buyer or are not familiar with the valuation process for the opals. Online auctions for opals place the power in the buyer’s hands and eventually shape the industry of opals.

Ask the seller 

If you are in doubt or have queries regarding buying opals, do not be afraid to inquire. Many jewellers are eager to address your questions and assist you in choosing the most appropriate opal.

Australian Opal Worth

Assessing the true value of Australian opal isn’t a straightforward task. It’s because each stone is a mix of elements that make it an individual stone. There was no simple and accurate method of dividing opals into an appropriate value system. Today, the prices of Australian opal fluctuate according to the variables that affect the stone quality.

Bottom Line

The process of buying Australian opal can be a difficult procedure at first as there’s plenty to master. As with any new pastime or talent, the more you try this, the more proficient you will be. 

We hope that these helpful tips for purchasing Australian opals will help you make the right choice when you are searching for a gem.

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