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Does Your DJ Have A “PLAN B?”

Wedding DJ backup plan

Let’s face it, life happens. Things can go wrong and Murphy’s Law states that they will always go wrong at the worst possible moment! You would never see an athletic team take the field with only ONE play in their book! A mountain climber always has another route planned out in case their first plan…

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How To Have Your Dream Reception

Wedding Reception

A Wedding Reception should be a fun event for everyone.  It’s important for the guests to enjoy themselves.  As you are planning the reception, think in terms of “What would the guests expect?”.  Of course your budget will determine the type of services you include in the reception.  Many wedding venues provide a number of…

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How to choose a wedding DJ

Wedding DJ

1. Select a Professional/full-time DJ: Unfortunately there are far too many DJ’s who represent themselves as professional DJ’s, while working in another line of work. A full-time DJ can give your wedding the focus and attention it deserves, versus part-time DJ, will only be able to focus on your wedding when he can work it…

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Not Your Mother’s Guest Book!

Guest Book Kit

The traditional, name filled guest book is, well …BORING! By contrast, the Adesso Album Instant Photo Guest Book® is a FUN, unique, very personal and interactive alternative.   Here’s how it works: Fuji Instax instant photos are taken of guests The photos are slid into the die cuts in the pages of the Adesso Album While…

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Go MINI with your wedding menu!

Try something different with your wedding appetizers or late night snacks!  GO MINI!  Mini sliders, tomato soup and grilled cheese, ice cream cones,  mac n cheese bites, and mini pizzas!

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