How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Suit

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Weddings are traditionally considered the bride’s day to shine. However, modern couples are focused on honoring both the bride and groom during their wedding celebration. There is no reason why the groom can’t be dressed to impress on their wedding day. 

Today’s weddings are more subdued and intimate affairs than they have been in the past. A desire to keep things simple and elegant has resulted in less flash and more substance in many weddings. Most men can skip wearing multilayered tuxedos and choose to wear a tailored and fashionable suit for their nuptials. 

For many men, wearing a suit is a rare occasion reserved for funerals or important business events. If you aren’t experienced in choosing a suit, it’s important that you get the right advice from a reputable men’s apparel retailer or a private tailor. The right suit for wedding celebrations can complement your bride and make you feel confident and stylish. Let’s take a closer look at a few tips to help you choose the perfect wedding suit. 

Colors That Suit You

Your bride will likely choose the main color scheme for your wedding. Before you pick a suit, you must talk about what colors you have to choose from. A black suit is always classic and can be complemented with accessories that blend with the color scheme of the wedding. 

Choose your suit color depending on the season. A neutral shade of brown is a nice touch in the autumn, especially for outdoor weddings. You may want to go with something brighter like a royal blue for spring weddings, or you can choose to keep things simple with a dark blue pin-striped classic and compliment it with a coordinating tie color.

Focus On Fit

Buying a suit off the rack and expecting to look your best as you wait for your partner at the altar could be a mistake. Every person is different and can’t fit properly into a suit off the rack. There is no reason that you can’t buy a suit and then take it to your local tailor to be properly fitted to your frame. A well-fitted suit will be more flattering to you and your partner. 

If you have a larger-than-average frame, you might want to go with a regular classic fit. This style will give you more room to move around and keep you comfortable throughout the day. A slim-fitting suit looks the best on those that are tall and lanky. A fitted suit is the best in-between option that will suit most builds if properly tailored.

Consider the Season

Your choice of suit depends on your wedding season. Summer weddings can be hot and dry, so a heavily fabricated suit is too warm and uncomfortable. You may consider a classic linen suit for your summer wedding. Fabric choice should match potential weather conditions. 

There is no reason why grooms can’t shine on their wedding day. Follow these tips to help you choose the perfect wedding suit for you.

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