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Father Daughter Dance

Father Daughter Dance

“More than Just a Dance” One of the most poignant moments at a wedding reception can be the father daughter dance. In my final consultation with brides prior to their wedding, I often find some getting emotional when they describe sharing a dance with their dad. As the father of two girls, I know firsthand…

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Bagpipes & Weddings

Bagpipes for your wedding

Have you ever wondered how you could give your wedding a unique musical flare? Maybe you are of Scottish or Irish decent and want to bring traditional Celtic melodies to your wedding ceremony. In my many years of experience, the bagpipes have always made weddings even more of a day to remember. Here are some…

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Honor a Deceased Loved One

To honor a loved one who has died, place a lit candle or a single “white” rose in a vase on the alter or guest table to represent the presence of the deceased. Some choose to display a photo. A moment of silence or a special prayer during the ceremony are other ways to reflect…

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Tips for flawless wedding portraits

Wedding Day Beauty

The day of your wedding is your glamour shot day, so you want to be sure you do everything you can to look your best.  All eyes will be on you after all.  With a brief list from top wedding photographers, you can be sure your make-up and wedding day images will both be flawless.…

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Wedding Day Photography Tips

Wedding Photographers

Getting the Most out of your Photography 1. It’s all in the Details…..the custom napkins, the invitation, the rings, even the custom ping pong balls used at the festivities the night before. Every bride wants all those little details she’s carefully planned and created captured in a photograph on her wedding day. It’s important to…

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Popular Spring Themed Favors

Wedding Favor Ideas

As the cold winter winds down and the long awaited signs of Spring starts to emerge, it is a time for new beginnings.  For many people, spring has always been one of the favorite times of year to have a spring garden themed event.  With the wonderful fragrance of spring blooms, the sounds of birds chirping…

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The Importance of a Professional Wedding Officiant

Wedding Officiant

Brides and grooms often overlook the importance of the person actually conducting their wedding ceremony. They place great care in a place, date, and time, but do not consider that the ceremony will not go forward without an officiant. The person you choose to conduct your ceremony is the person you are counting on to…

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Making Your Own Wedding Invitation Versus Hiring A Professional Stationery Vendor

Wedding Invitations

Forever Friends and Your Wedding Invitations Professionally printed wedding invitations by Carlson Craft come with the help of Forever Friends professional experience guiding you every step of the way, at no cost to you! We are living in a new, environmentally, budget-conscious age. With this in mind, Forever Friends is proud to offer a vast…

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Planning a Honeymoon or Destination Wedding!

Tahiti Honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon vacation or destination wedding travel should be fun! Working with a locally based travel professional assures you the quality vacation you are looking for without the stress and time involved while trying to arrange things on your own. Booking early allows you to lock-in the best promotional prices, as well as travel…

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5 Things A Bride Should Do After She Gets Engaged


Congratulations on your engagement! The very word *engaged* implies that you’re involved in a flurry of to-dos while wading through a sea of bridal magazines trying to figure out the difference between Venetian and Chantilly lace and calling your florist to discuss a shade of peach. There is good news! Planning your wedding is NOT…

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