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Catering Tips for the DIY Bride

Catering for wedding

In tough times, I have seen brides take on more do-it-yourself projects and cuts costs where they typically would not. I was recently involved in coordinating a “wedding-day” only event for a couple who were students and trying to plan a wedding on less than $8,000. As we all know, catering and alcohol are probably…

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How to Choose What Style Wedding Dress Will Look Best on You.

wedding dress

Looking for your wedding gown can be an overwhelming experience, especially if
you’re new to the whole process. Making a decision will be much easier after
you become familiar with the four silhouettes of wedding dresses and which
silhouette will look the most flattering on your figure. Wearing the right
silhouette for your body type can draw attention to…

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10 Best Ways to Include a Horse Carriage in Your Wedding

Horse Carriage

There is simply something magical about a horse and carriage. It might be because it’s something that you don’t see everyday. It might be that is how relatives in your family got married and you’d like to continue the tradition. Maybe you love animals and horses as much as we do. Whatever your reason, adding…

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4 Reasons NOT to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

wedding photography

1) Your Uncle Jack has offered to do it and it doesn’t matter to you if his camera is still film and if his style is way outdated, because you’re just hoping he stays so busy documenting your day that he has no time to make a fool of himself on the dance floor or…

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Ways to honor deceased relatives in a wedding

Tips: Be creative and do what feels right to you.  There is no one right way to honor deceased relatives. Accompany what you do with a few brief lines written in the program or stated aloud that explain why you are doing it.  For example, “We are each carrying photos of our grandmother and father…

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DJ (canned) Vs. Band (live!) for your Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

Navigating through all the inherent details of planning a wedding reception event is a major undertaking. But even after all the meticulous effort, no matter how beautifully-adorned the Bride, or how lovely and fragrant the flower arrangements, ot how elegantly-decorated the hall, etc. – when all is said and done – your family members and…

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Planning Your Wedding : The Engagement Party

Engagement Party

The engagement party is a lovely way to announce an engagement. Usually
close friends and relatives will be aware that an announcement is in the
offing, and when they receive an invitation, they will not be too surprised.
Your parents or other close relatives usually give the engagement party. It
may be announced as parties “honoring our daughter and…

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Change your last name

We at recognize that married name-change is a big decision for brides, so we have created this service for you to make it a less stressful and more enjoyable process! Since each state has its own set of restrictions, rules, paperwork, and filing procedures, we have already done the research for you, and our…

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Tips for choosing your wedding reception location.

choose your reception location

The key points for our couples to consider when they are scouting out the perfect location for their dream day… Now that the biggest decision has been made, saying “YES”. There come a lot of tough decisions. Choosing where to have the ceremony, reception, who to have as bridesmaids and what they should wear, of…

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Here comes the bride all dressed in white

wedding dress

“Here comes the bride all dressed in white!” Not necessarily the case anymore. Bridal gowns come in all shapes, fabrics and colors.  The colors run the gamut; there is white, then a slightly softer diamond white, ivory, ivory pearl, oyster, light gold, champagne, and a myriad of deeper colors.   According to The Journal Record “the…

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