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No Children Allowed at Wedding Reception!

No Children Allowed at Wedding Reception

In order to avoid the possibility of kid related catastrophes, a bride and groom may wish to exclude children from their wedding and reception. If you are thinking about the option of an “Adults Only” wedding reception, its critically important that you consider the matter carefully and realize that some may indeed find this to…

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Avoid being a BRIDEZILLA!

Frazzled Bride

Ah Spring. Flowers growing, birds chirping, breezes blowing and…..brides screaming? It’s that time of year again: Wedding Season. Unless you are Vince Vaughn or Vera Wang, you might get a little itchy at the mention of a wedding. Let’s face it, taffeta in general is enough to give any bride the hives. But a newly…

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Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Thinking About a Destination Wedding? Some pros and cons to think about. So you think you want to do a destination wedding? Well it is true that destination weddings end up saving couples thousands of dollars vs. a traditional wedding, but there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding if it’s an option…

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Weddings on the Beach – Tips for Planning

Beach Wedding

Are you planning to have your wedding on the beach? Here are some things to think about when thinking about beach weddings. Things to think about and tips on how to address them: Do you need a ceremony permit for that particular beach location? It is important to research the beach you are thinking about…

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How to Look Natural in Your Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Ever looked at someone’s wedding photos and thought that something about them was awkward, but you can’t put your finger on what? The hardest part of being the bride and groom with the photographer is looking natural in your photos. Maybe that other person’s photos looked weird because they were really posed and everyone is…

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Ceremony Music Suggestions and Tips

ceremony music ideas

A brief discussion about ceremony music in general followed by a list of suggested songs. Music can be a beautiful and important part of your wedding ceremony. It’s a wonderful welcome as your guests arrive and find their seats and helps establish a joyous and reverent mood. Scroll down and click the player below to…

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20 Tips For a Successful Party at Your Wedding Reception

DJ Party Tips

This is a very general statement but I suggest dancing to start no later than 9:30pm at a wedding. Any later than this and it will be hard to keep your guests amused. They will start to get bored and be less interested in dancing by this point. Some will leave early or maybe even…

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Royal Earrings Available at Adorn Brides

Rent Jewelry for Your Wedding

As the world watched, Kate Middleton became Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge early this morning. To our pleasant surprise, the jewelry she chose to accessorize her wedding dress bore a striking resemblance to Adorn Brides’ Abbott earrings. In honor of William & Kate, Adorn Brides has renamed the Abbott earrings the Middleton earrings.…

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Honeymoon and Wedding Lingerie

Wedding and Honeymoon Lingerie

Personalize your love life and make it fun and interesting from the very start by wearing sexy lingerie! From the very beginning of your Honeymoon, consider the following suggestions: Buy lingerie for each night of the honeymoon Choose themed lingerie Buy according to your honeymoon destination Buy lingerie in accordance with the time of year…

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Unique Tropical Wedding Invitations

Coconut Invites

Set the tone with a unique tropical wedding invitations. Tropical wedding and luau party invitations: Go tropical and go green with custom painted coconut invitations made in the USA at Save money and use them twice: Present these one-of-a-kind hand painted coconuts as gifts to wedding attendants at your rehearsal and also use them…

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