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Wedding Ideas Blog

Money Saving Wedding Tips

Since we all know that when it comes down to weddings, money seems to be the most pressing issue. Don’t you wish there was a magic wedding money tree? Well here are a few ideas to cut down the cost of your wedding! Favors/Centerpieces: Have your favors do double time and tie in with your…

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iPod vs. DJ vs. Live Band

Wedding Music

Can’t decide on the music for your reception yet? Here’s our opinion! iPod : Using an iPod can be a great and cost effective alternative to hiring a DJ/Live Band. You get to pick all the songs, and in what order they play. This can be awesome if you have unique musical choices or you’re just…

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Welcome Baskets for your Wedding Guests

Wedding Welcome Basket

What is a welcome basket? Have you ever heard of a welcome basket for your guests? Essentially, it is a basket full of information and goodies that you leave for your own of town guests. These are typically left at the hotel so when your guests arrive, they are greeted with this wonderful basket for…

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Making Your Own Wedding Invitation Versus Hiring A Professional Stationery Vendor

Wedding Invitations

Forever Friends and Your Wedding Invitations Professionally printed wedding invitations by Carlson Craft come with the help of Forever Friends professional experience guiding you every step of the way, at no cost to you! We are living in a new, environmentally, budget-conscious age. With this in mind, Forever Friends is proud to offer a vast…

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Full Service Invitation Suites -To Be or Not to Be Your Own Designer?

Wedding Invites

If you’re like me you are very creative and passionate about all things paper.  You enjoy receiving hand written notes and gorgeous invitations.  For me, paper is essential to my everyday life; especially paper with beautiful colors, textures, patterns and of course the bling, anything that screams, “I’m fabulous, darling.”  However, if you’re like most…

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Catering Tips for the DIY Bride

Catering for wedding

In tough times, I have seen brides take on more do-it-yourself projects and cuts costs where they typically would not. I was recently involved in coordinating a “wedding-day” only event for a couple who were students and trying to plan a wedding on less than $8,000. As we all know, catering and alcohol are probably…

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DIY Stationery

Are you a DIY bride? Check out this stylish DIY stationery for your wedding! They have quality products with unique finishing touches that will wow all of your guests! You can purchase the supplies for your invitations, programs, menus, etc either online or at your local Michaels Store, Target or Office Depot. The supplies…

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Do you LOVE music?

Make all of your guests a CD with your favorite songs.  It is a simple and easy way to keep your guests grooving long after your fabulous wedding! To learn how to make this CD Favor check out the following website  You can make these CD covers yourself or purchase them from various online…

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DIY: Spring Bouquets

Thinking about making your own bouquets for your spring wedding?  Check out these bouquets thanks to Photography by Imaginations.  All you need are tulips, bear grass and some floral supplies to put together these chic bouquets.  To make your bridal bouquet stand out, use more tulips and try a different color!

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